The SSL Store API Guide


The SSL Store’s REST API works perfectly over HTTP Protocol. Generally speaking, an API on REST has the following components:


  1. URL – A url suggests the action that you want to take over a specific resource
  2. HTTP VERBS – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. – Usually indicates the operation you want to perform over a specific resource.
  3. PARAMETERS - Whether it is in GET or POST, it signifies the parameters that need to be passed as arguments over the action you wish to take.
  4. RESPONSE – Indicates the response that you can expect after performing a specific action over a specific resource with said collection of parameters. provides 2 URLs for interfacing with it. One for the SANDBOX API, which returns dummy products and the other, is for the LIVE API which actually interacts with your live API.





If you do not have a Sandbox Environment PartnerCode and Auth Token, please send an e-mail to request one.


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