CSR Validation Service


The Check CSR function allows you to check the CSR validity. Different products have different CSR requirements, so it is always recommended to check the CSR with this function. This makes order processing that much more robust.







Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8;

		"PartnerCode":"String content",
		"AuthToken":"String content",
		"ReplayToken":"String content",
		"UserAgent":"String content",
		"IPAddress":"String content"
	"ProductCode":"String content",
	"CSR":"String content"

XML: Content-type: application/xml; charset=utf-8;

<PartnerCode>String content</PartnerCode>
<AuthToken>String content</AuthToken>
<ReplayToken>String content</ReplayToken>
<UserAgent>String content</UserAgent>
<IPAddress>String content</IPAddress>
<ProductCode>String content</ProductCode>
<CSR>String content</CSR>


		"Message":["String content"],
		"Timestamp":"String content",
		"ReplayToken":"String content",
		"InvokingPartnerCode":"String content"
	"DNSNames":["String content"],
	"Country":"String content",
	"Email":"String content",
	"Locality":"String content",
	"Organization":"String content",
	"OrganizationUnit":"String content",
	"State":"String content",
	"MD5Hash":"String content",
	"SHA1Hash":"String content",
	"DomainName":"String content",
	"RegionSpecificOrderIndicator":"String content"


<string>String content</string>
<string>String content</string>
<Timestamp>String content</Timestamp>
<ReplayToken>String content</ReplayToken>
<InvokingPartnerCode>String content</InvokingPartnerCode>
<string>String content</string>
<string>String content</string>
<Country>String content</Country>
<Email>String content</Email>
<Locality>String content</Locality>
<Organization>String content</Organization>
<OrganizationUnit>String content</OrganizationUnit>
<State>String content</State>
<MD5Hash>String content</MD5Hash>
<SHA1Hash>String content</SHA1Hash>
<DomainName>String content</DomainName>
<RegionSpecificOrderIndicator>String content</RegionSpecificOrderIndicator>

Fields Explanation
• R – Required
• O – Optional
• I – Ignore (not applicable)

NAME FROM Field Req. Type Description
AuthRequest.AuthToken Request R String This is an alpha-numeric token code provided to you by thesslstore.com. It is required in all requests.
AuthRequest.PartnerCode Request R String This is an alpha-numeric code provided to you by thesslstore.com. It is required in all requests.
AuthRequest.ReplayToken Request O String This is an alpha-numeric code provided by you in order request and thesslstore.com sent back in request.
AuthRequest.UserAgent Request O String User Agent to identify the request coming from.
CSRRequest.CSR Request R String Certificate Signing Request (Base-64 encoded, with or without the —–BEGIN xxxxx—– and —–END xxxxx—– header and footer)
CSRRequest.ProductCode Request R String A code for the product that a particular request relates to. Note that a partner must have a valid contract for a product code for it to be valid in a request. Also, a product code must be valid for the context of the request.
AuthResponse.InvokingPartnerCode Response N/A String This is an alpha-numeric code provided to you by thesslstore.com.
AuthResponse.isError Response N/A Boolean Return true if any error occurred during Order processing.
AuthResponse.ReplayToken Response N/A String The value of the ReplayToken which is provided by you in Order request.
AuthResponse.Timestamp Response N/A String The Date and time when user gets the response. A date timestamp used in a variety of contexts. Note that the XML format is: YYYY-DD-MMTHH:MM:SS:000Z (for example, 2001-01-01T24:00:00:000Z is for Jan 1, 2001 at midnight).
CSRResponse.Country Response N/A String Country from CSR.
CSRResponse.DomainName Response N/A String This is the Domain name which is sent by thesslstore.com in response from CSR.
CSRResponse.Email Response N/A String Email From CSR.
CSRResponse.hasBadExtensions Response N/A Boolean States that CSR has Bad Extensions or not.
CSRResponse.isValidDomainName Response N/A Boolean Response that is it valid domain name or not.
CSRResponse.isWildcardCSR Response N/A Boolean Tells that is this CSR is for wildcard.
CSRResponse.Locality Response N/A String Locality from the CSR.
CSRResponse.OrganizationUnit Response N/A String Organization Unit From CSR.
CSRResponse.Organization Response N/A String Organization From CSR.
CSRResponse.State Response N/A String State From CSR.