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Important Tips to Choose Best SSL Certificates & Provider

February 25, 2013 James Labonte

Gaining the customer’s confidence is essential when building a website for any business. If a customer is not sure that the website is equipped to protect their personal information, they are less likely to make purchases through the site, or enter their contact information, and are likely to take their business somewhere else. One of the best ways to ensure customer confidence is to have an SSL certificate. There are several things to keep in mind when selecting an SSL certificate and provider.

First, consider how the website is used. A website that only takes a customer’s name and contact information does not need the same level of protection as a site that takes credit card payments, and a site that receives one-time payments does not need to be as secure as a site that saves and stores billing profiles long-term. The type of SSL purchased should be based on the business’s specific needs and the website’s specific purpose.

Secondly, budgeting needs consideration. Businesses cannot spend more on the SSL and website maintenance combined than they stand to gain from having the website. All business owners should seriously consider how subscribing to an SSL affects their budget, and what they can afford to spend.

Finally, business owners should get a bid from multiple providers. Most website servers offer SSL certification as an add-on feature, but going with an outside provider may be more cost-effective. Talking to multiple suppliers is prudent. One should ask what specific SSL features they provide, and get an estimated cost for their service.

Which SSL certificate and provider is right for a business depends on a multitude of factors including what type of SSL is best for the needs, who their website is set up with and how much money they are able and open to spending on the service. Businesses should carefully weigh the cost of the service against its benefit when trying to select a service type and provider.

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