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SSL Installation Guide for AWS Elastic Load Balancer

A Step-by-Step Guide on how to install an SSL Certificate on Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Load Balancer

A load balancer is an impressive tool that takes requests from clients and distributes them across back-end instances that are registered with the load balancer.

However, you have to set a load balancer up correctly in order for it work properly with HTTPS. This can be tricky—unless you have a guide that is.

Fortunately, we’re here to do just that—guide you on how to set up an SSL Certificate on an AWS Elastic Load Balancer.

Before we get started, you’ll first need to purchase an SSL Certificate, fill out the CSR and get it issued. After all, it’s hard to install an SSL Certificate if you don’t have one yet.

AWS SSL Installation Process
Installing an SSL Certificate on your AWS Elastic Load Balancer

The first thing you’ll need to do is login to your AWS Console, click on “EC2” and select “Load Balancers” up in the left hand portion of the navigation.

Now, click “Create Load Balancer.”

Create Load Balancer

After you’ve named your load balancer, scroll down to “Listener Configuration” and add a new HTTPS load balancer protocol with “HTTP Instance” protocol. Click “continue.”

Now select “Upload New SSL CertificateUpload SSL In AWS.”

After filling out the appropriate fields, click “continue.

Select “ELBSample-ELBDefaultNegotiationPolicy” as your SSL cipher policy.


Click “continue.

Now configure the “Health Check” to your requirements, set the “Ping Path” to “/.”

Add your EC2 Instance and click “continue.”

Now, the final step, review your setup and click “Create.”

Congratulations! You’ve now installed your SSL Certificate on your AWS Load Balancer.


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