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This Christmas, Decorate Your Website with a Green Address Bar and Bolster Your Online Profit.

As the holiday season draws near, online users begin searching more and more for online deals and discount websites. Search trends have gone up high for keywords like Discount Code, Coupon Code, online Deal, best deals, and for similar types of keywords during the holiday season. More than 3 million online users are looking vertically for the best deal for: clothing, jewelry, supplies, children’s gifts, accessories, and vintage items.

According to the National Retail Federation, online shopping trends that are about laptops, Smartphone’s and other online accessories are increasing dramatically during the holidays. Almost 63% of online eCommerce stores offer some great deal for smart phones, clothes, laptops, jewelry, and for other accessories.

If you are an eCommerce owner, then you must think about how to get more visitors and profit from your website in this holiday season. Once answer is that you must secure your website to protect your customers from hackers If an online visitors feel that your website is not trustworthy because there are no visible security features that will help keep their personal information protected from hackers, the chances are, they will not complete a transaction.
As online theft and fraud rapidly increase day-by-day, people are becoming more and more aware of what protected websites look like, and will not provide their personal information like credit card numbers on websites they determine to be unprotected. If you are facing the same type of issue for your online business, then here is the solution. Secure your website with a Symantec EV SSL and grab the opportunity for more online profits.

A Symantec EV( Extended Validation) SSL Certificate secures your website with a “Green Address Bar” & 256 bit encryption strength. A Green Address Bar means that your website is fully business validated, and your organization details will display with your URL.

A Symantec EV SSL is securing your website users’ data and credentials with 256 bit encryption strength, which means phishers can’t hack your user’s personal information or credit card details by hacking your website or database. As Symantec is the word most trusted brand, it also provides free vulnerability scans with a Symantec extended validation certificate, which scans your website on a daily basis to identify malware scripts or attacks on your website. A Symantec Vulnerability scan also allows you to take action against the exploitable weaknesses that is found on your website.

The icing on the cake is that you can get the Norton Secured Seal totally free as an additional security symbol for your website with Symantec EV SSL Certificates. The Norton Secured seal will help you to increase your search engine traffic by displaying the symbol next to your website in the SERPS ( Search Engine Result Pages), just like the below image.
golf ball symantec

The above information makes it obvious why securing your website with an SSL certificate is a profitable endeavor for your business to undertake, especially during the holiday season.

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