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Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard

A quick and economical way to cover one main domain and all of your subdomains

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Validation Type: DV Reissue: Unlimited Issuance: Minutes Warranty: $200,000

No Business Validation Require
SSL Not Support Mobile Browsers
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Product Summary

  • Yes or No IconGreen Address Bar
  • Yes or No IconSAN Support
  • Yes or No IconVulnerability Assessment
  • Yes or No IconWildcard
  • Yes or No IconSite Seal: Dynamic
  • Yes or No IconServer Licensing: Unlimited
  • Yes or No IconMalware Scan

The Certum Commercial SSL wildcard SSL certificate is a fast and effective way to secure your main domain and all of the accompanying subdomains. That’s right, with just a single SSL certificate, you can secure www.domain.com along with xyz.domain.com, hello.domain.com, etc. And, because this is a domain validated (DV) certificate, it can usually be issued in just a matter of minutes. So, you can boost the trust in your site with https, the padlock icon, and the Secured by Certum Site Seal quickly. This wildcard SSL certificate is ideal for startup websites and light ecommerce sites.


Assurance & Authentication

Assurance & Authentication

This wildcard SSL certificate is domain validated (DV), which means the Certificate Authority, Certum, only has to ensure that you own the domain you wish to encrypt. This process can be completed in as little as a few Minutes – so you can get the encryption you need quickly.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

The Certum Commercial SSL wildcard can be issued with up to 256-bit encryption. This certificate is also signed with the industry standard 2048-bit root. So, you can rest assured that your customers’ information will be safe with this top-of-the-line security product.

SAN & Multi-Domain Support

SAN & Multi-Domain Support

As a wildcard option, this certificate is able to secure one main domain (www.domain.com) and all of the accompanying subdomains (mail.domain.com, register.domain.com, certum.domain.com, etc.). The ability to secure one domain and an unlimited amount of subdomains makes this one of the most efficient certificates on the market.

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is very reliable with this wildcard SSL certificate, and it recognized by an excellent 99% of browsers, including:

Server and Client OS Compatibility

Client OS: Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, Windows 7, Vista, Xp, 2000, Linux Client OS.

Server OS: Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Novell, etc.

Web Server: Microsoft IIS 7, IIS6, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP, Weblogic, Cobalt.

E-Mail Servers: Netscape Communicator 4.51+,Microsoft Outlook 99+,Microsoft Entourage (OS/X),Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0+,Qualcomm Eudora 6.2+,Lotus Notes (6+), etc.

Compatible Browsers:
  • Chrome 3+ (above)
  • Opera 7+ (above)
  • Safari all browsers
  • Firefox 1+ (above)
  • Netscape 9+ (above)
  • IE 5+ (above)
  • AOL 10+ (above)

Features & Benefits

Feature & Benefits
  • Validation: DV
  • $200,000 Warranty
  • Secures all subdomains of 1 domain name [*.thesslstore.com]
  • 99.00% browser recognition
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • 2048 / 4096-bit root
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Fast Verification

Product Specifications

Product Specification
  • Universal major browser compatibility
  • Free CERTUM Site Seal - a sign of your credibility
  • Secures unlimited no. of servers with only 1 SSL certificate
  • Certificate contains a domain name

Site Seal

Site Seal

Since this certificate is just Domain Validated (DV), it comes with a static “Secured by Certum” Site Seal. A static site seal is not clickable and does not display and validated information about your business. However, you will be able to show your customers that your website has been vetted by a reputable third party security company, Certum.



The Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard cert comes with a warrant of $200,000. With this warranty in place, you will be compensated for any damages incurred by a customer for up to $200,000 if the issue was due to a flaw in the SSL certificate. However, if you are looking for a wildcard SSL certificate that offers a little more assurance with a larger warranty, we would recommend the Certum Trusted SSL Wildcard.

Certum Brand


Certum is the oldest & largest Certificate Authority (CA) in Poland and is among the most trusted internet security companies in the world. They serve customers in more than 50 countries around the world and hold WebTrust seals for all their services which are related to electronic signatures. These certificates are exceptional options for customers looking for a more affordable brand that offers basic encryption features. Certum also offers several unique products within The SSL Store™, like an email certificate and a document signing certificate.

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

Why Buy from The SSL Store™ ?

In a nutshell, because you'll be getting the exact same products as you would from buying direct, but at much lower prices. How is this possible? Because we're platinum partners with Certum and we buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates, so we're able to pass those savings directly to our customers. Also, we don't consider ourselves just an SSL provider, but rather a Premium SSL Service. That's because we have a team of more than 45 SSL experts standing by ready to support your order. You can always reach our SSL specialists via email, live chat, and telephone.

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