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Comodo Web Inspector

What is it?

The Web Inspector product suite is made up of 2 products:

  1. Hacker Guardian PCI Scan Control Center
  2. Web Inspector

Web Inspector by Comodo is a cloud-based malware and blacklist monitoring service. It will immediately notify you via e-mail if it discovers any known malware on any of the web pages on your website, or if it detects that your site gets blacklisted by any major search engine for any reason.

Web Inspector also comes with Hacker Guardian’s full-fledged PCI scan. That gives you access to Hacker Guardian’s dashboard where you can customize and schedule your scans. For more information on the Hacker Guardian PCI Scan, please see our article on the Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center.

Let’s go over the features and differences between the available levels of the Web Inspector, detail the process of signing up, and navigating the Web Inspector Dashboard.


In addition to granting you access to the comprehensive PCI scanning from Hackerguardian, the Web Inspector combines 3 unique scans in one. Its Anti-Malware scan uses advanced malware detection technologies to identify viruses and malicious code on a web page. It also provides you with SSL Certificate analysis to make sure you’re using a valid SSL Certificate to encrypt transactions. In addition to that, it also monitors any suspicious DNS changes related to your website that could cause problems.

The four available versions of the Comodo Web Inspector vary mostly on the number of pages under the domain you specify get scanned. Each Web Inspector License only allows for one domain.

For details on the differences between the Standard and Enterprise versions of the Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center, please see our article on the Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center.


Features Starter Plus Premium Enterprise
Number of Pages scanned (under 1 domain) 50 250 700 1000
Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center 90 days access to Standard version Standard version Standard version Enterprise version

Signing up

The Comodo Web Inspector is a Domain Validated web security product, meaning that upon purchasing you must generate the order and complete basic domain validation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Purchase

Purchase the Comodo Web Inspector from your preferred provider.

2. Generate

Click Generate within your control panel.

3. Create login credentials

Create a username and password. You will use this to log into the Web Inspector dashboard to configure your scans and see the results. (Usernames must be a valid e-mail address and passwords must be min. 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.)
Note: You will also use this same username and password to access the Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center.

4. Enter organization details

Enter in your Organization and Contact information and submit.

5. Check you email

You will then receive an order confirmation from Comodo. Follow the link in the instructions to the website www.webinspector.com to log in with the username and password you specified.

6. Follow the Setup Wizard

Go to Setup Wizard and enter the site you want to configure for Web Inspector scans and follow on-screen instructions. It is in step 3 of that process where you will specify which domain validation method you prefer to complete: File upload, meta tag, administrative e-mail, or DNS Cname.

Although you can configure your scans immediately, scanning on your domain will only commence once Comodo has validated your domain ownership. Once Comodo completes your domain validation, the scans you configured within the setup wizard will start and once completed you can begin reviewing the results.

The Web Inspector Dashboard is where you can set up, manage, and view the results of the Web Inspector’s scans. To access it, you log in to www.webinspector.com using the credentials you created upon generation.

The Websites section of the dashboard will display the list of websites you have configured for scanning. Remember, the Web Inspector only scans one domain per order. From here you have access to manage your scans and view the results. You will also be able to access a link to install the Web Inspector site seal on your website once your website has successfully passed its first scan.

The My Account section will display all your Web Inspector licenses along with another link you can follow to view the scan results.

The PCI Scanning section will take you to the login page for the Hackerguardian PCI Scan Control Center.

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