How Your Company Name Will Appear in the EV Bar

When you purchase an Extended Validation SSL certificate it activates a unique visual indicator: the green address bar. From now on, your customers will see your company or organization’s name and country abbreviation in green font beside the URL in the browser. But how do the browsers determine what information to display?

Browser URL

Simple. The organization name will appear exactly as it does on your business registration documents, including the name and the type of company (i.e. INC, LTD, LLC, GmbH, etc…). The country abbreviation for where the organization is located will also be included in the Green Address Bar. If your company or organization’s name exceeds the allowable character limit, the CA will attempt to abbreviate without changing the name of the organization itself.

Trade Names

The only other name that can appear in the green bar is a legally registered trade name (e.g. “assumed name” or “DBA name”). In order to include this name in the green bar, you will need to specify the assumed name during the generation process, and you will be asked to provide the legal documents regarding the assumed name (i.e. a copy of the signed DBA statement) to the certificate authority during validation.

If you elect to have your trade name appear in the green bar, it will display in this format: Trade name (Legal Name) [Country], example below.

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If you have any questions regarding the EV process, or the green bar, please contact our support team.


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