Dan Hosford

Enterprise PKI Manager

Dan Hsford

Dan Hosford is the Enterprise PKI Manager for The SSL Store™. He’s responsible for helping enterprise clients implement and manage their PKI & digital certificates to safeguard customer data, maintain compliance, and protect their brand... all while scaling for growth!

Dan’s an enterprise solutions subject matter expert with years of experience in tech fields. Starting out in electronic components, he began developing his tech expertise and knowledge before moving into hardware and software sales. About five years ago, Dan set his sights on the IT security space — since then, he's built experience across the cybersecurity sector, from firewalls to email security to SSL (and everything in-between!).

As the son of an educator, Dan focuses on not only helping customers but also educating them so they can make the best and most informed decisions. As the grandson of a marketer, he understands the importance of relationships. He’s dedicated to working closely with our vendors and their global teams so customers can leverage his relationships.

When he’s not working, Dan’s spending time with his family or engaging in woodworking. He’s built several Adirondack chairs, chicken coops, tables, and other pieces of furniture from reclaimed lumber — one of which is a centerpiece table at a local restaurant!

Next time you’re in the area, feel free to sit down with Dan over [insert beverage of choice] and have a chat about your latest project. Whether you’re building a rustic chair or securing your network, Dan’s sure to have some tips to share. Just be sure to ask him about chickens!

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