Danny Lewis

Marketing Copywriter

Danny Lewis

Danny Lewis is a Marketing Copywriter at The SSL Store™. He’s responsible for delivering engaging and educational content that helps customers and clients make the most informed decisions possible (while keeping things interesting)! In the modern age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information—Danny puts the most important information at your fingertips, in an easy-to-understand, ready-for-action format.

In his 8+ years as a content marketer, Danny has worked with international brands, such as Amazon and Walmart, creating a wide range of materials for various forums, including video, print, social media and more. He is highly passionate about using storytelling to help others with their daily lives—finding and implementing the best security solutions for staying safe in the digital age.

When Danny isn’t writing informative content or brainstorming our next creative marketing campaign, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, hitting the gym, playing basketball, and taking in all of the beauty and fun his current city of residence has to offer — sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Danny’s love for storytelling doesn’t stop at The SSL Store. He’s passionate about filmmaking and is currently wrapping up the editing of his first short film. He wrote, directed, and produced it himself.

Next time you’re surfing one of our sites, make sure to check out some of Danny’s work and drop him a comment to say hello!

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