Garrett Brunet

Inside Sales Manager

Garrett Brunet

Garrett Brunet is a Inside Sales Manager at The SSL Store™, though he views it less as sales and more as building business relationships.

If your business needs anything related to SSL – certificates, management options, anything – Garrett's your guy. He's a one-stop-shop for our retail clients. Garrett is one of the most knowledgeable people in our office.

He's constantly learning about, well... everything. In fact, that's favorite part of working in this industry – being part of something that is so important in everybody’s day to day life, something that is constantly evolving and has become critical to the fabric of any modern business.

He follows the latest industry news and trends and stays up on his product knowledge so that he can answer any question a customer might have and ensure they get the best possible security solution for their unique situation. Garrett's thirst for knowledge extends well beyond his day job though.

He loves keeping up with current events, he even still gets the newspaper delivered each morning. When he's not working or following the news, Garrett is spending time outside with his wife and their two Boston Terriers or searching for all six of the infinity stones.