Meet Gino Theron

Business Development Manager for EMEA

Gino TheronGino Theron is The SSL Store's New Business Development Manager for EMEA. His goal is to promote The SSL Store's Reseller and Enterprise solutions and to onboard new clients across the globe. Gino broke into the SSL industry 12 years ago, half a century in SSL time, as a Reseller Account Manager with Symantec, where he oversaw small to medium reseller partners in Africa. But Gino was exceptional and rose rapidly through the ranks before ultimately deciding to strike out on his own and dominate the South African SSL market. Gino is a natural born marketer, with an almost unmatched ability to craft a compelling story and connect with people. He gets things done—if he can't do it personally he doesn't stop until he finds someone who can. In his personal life, Gino is a proud father who derives all the inspiration he needs from the loving gaze of his children. When he's not in the office or with his family, you can find him riding full throttle through South Africa's vast wilderness plains, places oft uncharted by maps, on his dirt bike. A lover of "all things awesome," Gino rides by the motto: Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, but it's in the middle of nowhere where you find yourself.