Jim Armstrong

Southern Territory Retail Director

Jim directs the US Southern and International Territories so if you're looking at overcoming the challenge of safely securing your website with latest SSL certificate technology, Jim is the Go To Guy. Jim brings a breath of knowledge and creative ideas from both sales leadership and management positions in the manufacturing software, insurance, and medical arenas. His drive has led to numerous sales awards and accolades in both sales and sales management. He helps his customers stay competitive in the marketplace by allowing them to acquire new business through the use of a variety of SSL certificates including the popular Extended Validation (EV – Green Bar) certificates.

Jim graduated with Bachelor's in Marketing from the University of South Florida. He also has compelling interest in volunteering for the disadvantaged and recently had the honor of participating in the All Children's Hospital Cardiac Kids Foundation Mission Trip in Jamaica. When Jim is not helping his clients you will find him sharing time with friends, family, working out, fishing and of course football!