Meet Mark Colcu

Graphic Designer

Mark ColcuMark Colcu is a Graphic Designer at The SSL Store™. Before anything goes live or out the door, Mark makes sure it's easy on the eyes. Mark is an Adobe wizard, effortlessly churning out high quality graphics, logos & websites using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as if they were the same tools Da Vinci used himself. He's excited about to be a part of this growing cybersecurity community. Through his work, he'll be able to help our team communicate complex information through easy to digest infographics and designs. Mark loves telling a story visually, in a way that a customer can identify the right things and ask the right questions. Mark originally became a designer to make the world a more attractive place – an inspiration inherited from his father. Growing up, he was the most talented artist Mark ever knew, and the one whose footsteps he followed. Mark was also fascinated with all things Disney – including Walt. Mark cites the eponymous founder's biography as his favorite book. As an artist, Mark is incredibly accomplished in his own right, with over 20,000 images sold on Shutterstock. When he’s not designing, you can find Mark pursuing one of his other passions, like working on cars or escaping the city for a weekend of the "country"-style life.