Meet Nick Lupo

Creative Designer

Nick LupoNick Lupo is the Creative Designer at The SSL Store™. Nick is an artist, which kind of comes with the territory of being a designer. He's passionate about bringing his artistic ability to the world of marketing in the hopes of inspiring someone to creatively look at brands differently. What excites him most about being in creative is the endless world of possibilities that design has to offer. His creative mind is the greatest contribution he can make to the industry, it's a different world in there—and he loves showing it through his design work. In his personal life, Nick is a huge film buff. He loves watching movies and even collects movie posters as a hobby. One of Nick's majors in college, at Michigan State, was media arts and technology because he wanted to produce movies someday. Although that dream is on hold, he still loves to pass his time with the silver screen. Nick was born in Michigan, what he calls ‘the greatest state in the union.' We think that's a debatable point, but that's neither here nor there. In addition to movies and a love of Michigan, Nick also enjoys playing sports and staying active. So much so he couldn't possibly give it up. "When I'm being active,” Nick says, “I feel as if nothing in the world can touch me."