Roni Bliss

Director of Sales

Roni Bliss

Roni Bliss is a Director of Sales for The SSL Store™. She partners with resellers to help them market products to existing customers and attract new ones based on proven best practices. These methods include integrating workflows; optimizing buyers’ journeys; aligning products and messaging based on successful experiences with other partners; providing tailored sales and support team training that meets their organizational needs; and providing guidance on ways to improve customer and prospect marketing initiatives.

By sharing industry best practices and developing marketing strategies, she’s dedicated to helping partners jumpstart their revenue growth. Her 20 years of experience in marketing aids in those efforts. During her 10+ years in website development specifically, Roni’s seen first-hand the importance of website security and is dedicated to making the world safer online one website at a time. She likes to save her danger-loving side for extracurricular activities (like skydiving with her husband and bungee jumping in Las Vegas).

When she isn’t helping customers be the best, most secure versions of themselves, Roni can be found adventuring. From backpacking in Europe to swimming with sharks in Florida, she’s all about living life and sharing those experiences with her family. Next on her agenda? Taking her husband and their two daughters to Italy!

The next time you’re in the area, let Roni know so that you can meet up to discuss your marketing initiatives. Whether it’s planning out a new strategy or your next great adventure, Roni’s sure to have some exciting ideas to consider!

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