Thomas Van Breen

Sales Manager EMEA

Thomas Van Breen is a trailblazer with real heart. His mission? To make sure theSSLstore's channel partners have the right suite of products to keep their end user sites secure and make a profit doing it. But he knows it's about much more than selling certificates – it's really about the people behind the solutions. That's why he makes it easy for customers and resellers to reach out to him, in fact, he's happiest when his phone is ringing. After studying Marketing and Sales at the University of Utrecht and an internship at Parallels, Thomas dove right in delivering first-class pre-and-post sales support for a Canadian email archive software vendor.

Fate was working overtime during the World Hosting Days 2011 when he crossed paths with theSSLstore's very own John Tuncer, presenting the focus needed to expand theSSLstore's network across Europe. An avid sports fan, Thomas applies the same unwavering focus and commitment he uses to design win-win reseller solutions to training more than 12 hours a week and competing as a semi-professional field hockey player in the Netherlands. He shared this passion by coaching a boy's hockey team for two years, teaching them the importance of teamwork and giving it your personal best. They couldn't have asked for a better role model.