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Symantec Ready Issuance – FAQs

Answering all the most common questions about Symantec Ready Issuance

Ready Issuance will change the way you order SSL. The most trusted name in web security has taken its enterprise-level MPKI and streamlined it to make the technology available to more mainstream clients. There are no up-front costs to be paid or long-term agreements to be signed, all you have to do is sign up, undergo a standard pre-authentication process and you’ll be ready to instantly issue SSL for up to 25 top-level domains.

Simple, right?

Well, yes, in theory. But we realize you’re going to have some questions before you apply for Ready Issuance—we get them all the time. So to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions our customers have about Ready Issuance. Take your time and read through them. If we didn’t answer something, feel free to contact our helpful Customer Experience Department—they’re just a call or click away and they’re always ready to help.

Or, if you're ready to just get on with it and apply, you can follow this link to our application and get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready Issuance?

Ready Issuance is a streamlined version of Symantec’s Enterprise-level MPKI offering. It allows companies or organizations to get up to 10 corporate contacts and 25 top-level domains pre-authenticated all at once. Then, when you’re ready to order Symantec OV SSL, you simply have to mark the SSL Certificate you’re purchasing as Ready Issuance, and provided the order information matches the records in the Symantec Authorization Database, your certificate will be issued almost instantly without having to wait for validation!


How Does Ready Issuance Work?

It's a fairly simple process, really. If you want, we have a page dedicated to How it Works, but to summarize: you fill out your application making sure to include information for all top-level domains and corporate contacts. Symantec then puts your application through an authentication process similar to standard organization validation and, once finished, makes a corresponding record in its Authorization Database. Once you’re authorized & pre-authenticated, simply purchase Symantec OV products as you normally would, making sure to mark them as “Ready Issuance” during the enrollment/generation process. Once submitted, Symantec will check the order against its Authorization Database and, provided it matches, issue the SSL Certificates instantly as soon as one of the corporate contacts authorizes the issuance via a quick email.


How Do I Check My Pre-Authentication Status?

Authorization should take place within a couple of days. You can check on the status of your Ready Issuance order in our control panel.


What Types of SSL Certificate Can I Purchase?

Currently, Symantec Ready Issuance only supports Symantec brand Organization Validation SSL Certificates. You can use Ready Issuance to purchase:

  • Symantec Secure Site
  • Symantec Secure Site Wildcard
  • Symantec Secure Site Pro
  • Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard


Can I Use Ready Issuance for EV SSL Certificates?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Ready Issuance for EV Certificates at this time.


Is Ready Issuance Only Available for Symantec?

Yes, Ready Issuance is only available for use with Symantec OV SSL Certificates at the moment, though it is possible in the future that it may be available for other Symantec brands like GeoTrust or Thawte.


Can I Issue Multi-Domain or Wildcard Certificates?

Yes, the Symantec Secure Site Wildcard and Secure Site Pro Wildcard are both available for issuance through Ready Issuance. Additionally, the Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates are SAN enabled, allowing for Multi-Domain functionality.


How Many Corporate Contacts Can I Get Pre-Authorized?

You can provide information on up to ten corporate contacts in any given Ready Issuance application order.


How Many Domains Can I Cover with Ready Issuance?

You can pre-register up to 25 top-level domains. Sub-Domains do not count against this total.


What if I Need More than 25 Domains?

In the event you need to pre-register more than 25 top-level domains, you have two options. The first option is to make multiple Ready Issuance orders. In the event this is still not enough to cover your needs, please contact our Reseller Account Manager, Dan Roehrer, to discuss a custom solution.


How Long is my Business Authentication Valid for?

The validity period for a Ready Issuance Pre-Authentication Application is 39 months, this is equal to the longest possible SSL validity period (36 months) + the maximum amount of time that can be carried over during a renewal (3 months).


How Do I Enroll?

Enrolling is easy! Just follow this link to our Ready Issuance application page, then make sure to fill it out with accurate information and submit it. Then follow the validation next steps with Symantec. Boom, done!


How do I Pay?

The Ready Issuance Pre-Authentication application itself is free of charge. However, payment for an actual certificate is handled just like it would be with all other regular SSL orders. We have a range of payment options depending on your account type and needs!


Is There Anything I Need to Do Post-Order?

Yes! It's not much, but you do just need to verify the details of your order via email before Symantec will issue it for you.


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