5 Year Options are No Longer Available for SSL Purchases

June 26, 2012

St. Petersburg, Florida – June26th, 2012 –TheSSLStore.com has stopped the 5 year option for purchasing SSL Certificates.The SSL industry regularly meets in what is called the CA/B Forum where Certification Authorities & Browsers set standards that apply across the entire SSL industry.

The CA/Browser Forum has released the new "Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly Trusted SSL Certificates", which is the first international baseline standard for the operation of Certification Authorities (CAs) issuing SSL/TLS digital certificates natively trusted in browser software.

The Baseline Requirements draw upon best practices from across the SSL/TLS sector to provide clear standards for CAs on important subjects including verification of identity, certificate content and profiles, CA security, revocation mechanisms, use of algorithms and key sizes, audit requirements, liability, privacy and confidentiality, and delegation (including external sub-CAs and registration authorities).

One of these standards is the removal of SSL certificates with validity greater than 4 years. This will apply across the industry from June 2012 onward. Certificates issued by RapidSSL, Symantec, Thawte and GeoTrust will no longer be available for periods greater than 4 years as of June 2012.
The CA/B Forum intends to continue development of the Baseline Requirements to address the evolving risks and threats targeting the issuance or use of SSL/TLS certificates.

"With the new Baseline Requirements, we will have to stop our 5 year option for all SSL Certificates, including many variations of Domain Validation and Organization Validation certificates.," said Kim Barnard VP of Operations at TheSSLstore.com.

In a further statement Kim Barnard, VP of Operations at TheSSLstore.com said that, “…from now on, website operators or owners can only buy or renew SSL Certificates for up to 4 years and this also includes all of our also “SSL Coupon Codes” previously released by TheSSLStore.com…they will only allow a maximum of 4 years.”