Easy to Secure: Vulnerability Assessment

October 18, 2011

Protect Your Site Against the Latest Security Threats.

St. Petersburg, FL – The SSL Store, a leading global Platinum Partner of major brand SSL Certificate Authorities, has announced the availability of the VeriSign Vulnerability Assessment beginning Thursday, October 20, 2011 on https://www.theSSLstore.com.

Choose any one of our VeriSign SSL Certificates which now include a FREE vulnerability assessment function which will help you not only identify quickly, but also allow you to take action against the exploitable weaknesses that it found on your website. All VeriSign SSL Certificates also include a daily website malware scanning to alert you if your website ever gets infected with malicious software aka “malware”. Now with the addition of Vulnerability Assessment, this combination now helps extend your security beyond https to your public-facing Web pages and reduces the risk of being blacklisted by Google or other search engines.

"Another great addition to the VeriSign arsenal, just another reason why they are the best." says Kent Roberts, Director of Retail.

Web site vulnerability is a potential entry point through which a Web site’s functionality or data can be damaged, downloaded, or manipulated. A typical Web site (even the simplest blog) may have thousands of potential vulnerabilities. The vulnerability assessment helps you quickly identify and take action against the most exploitable weaknesses on your customers’ Web site. Vulnerability assessment includes:

  • An automatic weekly scan for vulnerabilities on public-facing Web pages, Web-based applications, server software, and network ports.
  • An actionable report that identifies both critical vulnerabilities that should be investigated immediately and informational items that pose a lower risk.
  • An option to rescan your customers’ Web site to help confirm that vulnerabilities have been fixed.

Vulnerability assessment is included with VeriSign® Secure Site Pro with EV, Secure Site with EV, and Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates.

For marketing material of Vulnerability Assessment contact Bill Grueninger, Director of Global Channel Development.