Online Module for Easy & Fast Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL)

July 08, 2011

St. Petersburg, FL: The SSL Store, one of the world’s largest resellers of SSL security certificates, would like to help the SSL certificate shopper find an easier path to attaining an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for his/her Website. EV is a standard set by the Certificate Authority / Browser (or CA/B) Forum and is most recognizable as the technology that creates the green address bar indicator in the major Internet browsers in any secure portions of a site, an obvious visible cue of a site’s credibility and security. For a sample of how an EV certificate looks, please visit

In a broad effort to improve accessibility to EV certificates, The SSL Store has developed an online module to educate individuals and businesses considering applying for an EV SSL certificate.  The module was developed to simplify and expedite the Extended Validation certificate application and validation process. Because EV SSL are taken so seriously within the industry, they are not as easy to get as Organization Validation (OV) or Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates, certificate types that do not produce the green address bar indicators.

A Platinum Partner with VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL, The SSL Store has been refining its system and knowledge of the SSL security certificate industry since 2007. The company is both providing the module through its Website, accessible on the left side bar of under the heading “Extended Validation,” as well as providing one-on-one assistance sessions via direct line with a U.S.-based SSL industry expert at (727) 820-1161.

Kent Roberts, Director of the Retail and Enterprise Divisions for The SSL Store and the contact point for any Extended Validation inquiries, explains, “Because we believe that EV is so important to creating a safer Web for everyone, we want attaining that type of certificate to be as simple as possible. Frustrations can make people turn toward different certificates which don’t show online users as much evidence of encryption and organizational and site legitimacy.”

Roberts added, “The EV certificate is both a high-end product for us and an SSL that can increase revenue for our customers. Our EV slogan ‘The Green Bar is a Gold Bar’ is a nod to how effective the EV certificate is for e-commerce, increasing online revenue an average of 20% according to extensive case studies conducted by VeriSign, which itself is considered the gold standard in online security. We hope our hard work related to EV will create greater interest in EV certificates in general and in our company.”