The Largest Growth in Green Bar EV SSL Certificate

January 17, 2012

SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida. – January 12, 2012 – The SSL Store, the world’s fastest-growing Symantec Diamond Partner of authentic SSL security certificates (Symantec, VeriSign, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, and Thawte) today announced that the SSL Market has incredible growth in the area of EV SSL Certificates, with the Symantec extended validation (EV) SSL market playing a major role. A brief look at the statistics shows that more and more online organizations are turning to Symantec extended validation (EV) SSL when it comes to their web security needs.

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Kent Roberts, the SSL Store’s Director of SMB Development, confirms that EV SSL adoption is growing at an astounding rate. Over the past 12 months, the growth of installed EV SSL accreditation is up 52.25 percent from 2011. The demand for Symantec EV SSL certificates continues to grow, covering the widest portion of EV SSL market with a 65.6% share, more than all other certification authorities combined. Alexa-Netcraft’s January 2012 study presented these details, confirming Symantec’s continuing dominance of the EV SSL market and EV’s impressive general continuing growth.

The January statement follows a year riddled with high-profile attacks and targeting of Certification Authorities - attacks that highlight the need for a strong, reliable, and responsible Certification Authority. The increase particularly in EV SSL certificates, as reflected in this month’s statement, confirms that consumers and organizations are taking the prerequisite additional steps to protect themselves from malware, data breaches and other IT security threats.

"In 2011 we witnessed a variety of bad actors targeting Certificate Authorities ranging from recreational hackers to serious cyber terrorists," said Fran Rosch, vice president, Identity and Authentication Services, Symantec.

As a Diamond Partner of the most demanded SSL brands, The SSL Store is dedicated to the SSL industry and highly recommended by major organizations for EV SSL certificate security. “Symantec is the leading choice and best protection for organizations’ security and SSL certificate needs,” added Kent Roberts, the Director of Retail & Enterprise Divisions.

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