The SSL Store Achieves PCI Compliance

July 06, 2011

St. Petersburg, FL – The SSL Store, a leading global Platinum Partner of major brand SSL Certificate Authorities, has bolstered its credibility by withstanding the rigorous tests of Trustwave TrustKeeper. views PCI Compliance (aka PCI-DSS Compliance) as a major forward step for any organization to prove its security standing on a global scale and wanted to prove its own compliance as a statement for those considering the same.

The SSL Store has additionally decided to sell the product at a discounted rate as an enhancement of its security portfolio, since determining PCI Compliance (in other words, determining proper protection of data) has become so crucial to all companies handling credit card numbers and other sensitive financial information.

“TrustKeeper observes all phases of a company’s security environment for compliance, so is now able to provide a fully PCI Compliant environment for all our customers, plus the product itself. We passed 12 major security standard fundamentals for protection against data breach,” said Kent Roberts, spokesperson for The SSL Store.

PCI-DSS Compliance is the globally accepted security standard which is being established by the Payment Card Security Council (PCSC). For full veracity, the PCI standards are applied to an entire organization, not just the portion of the company that handles credit cards.

Achieving PCI-DSS Compliance proves a company’s ability to avoid security threats during online transactions which contain sensitive information of customers. PCI Compliance is now becoming more and more significant to improve online customer trust and confidence toward their information security. In TrustKeeper, The SSL Store offers a security solution which is 100% secure to protect businesses against time-consuming and expensive PCSC auditing. Not only is auditing a hassle, but data breaches regularly bankrupt small businesses, and the TrustKeeper is an inexpensive way for those businesses to ensure they are fully secure.

If you would like to make your organization PCI Compliant, please visit the following page at The SSL Store: