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DigiCert Document Signing Validation

The DigiCert Document Signing certificate is available at two different validation levels, Individual and Organization.

Individual Document Signing certificates are for single users with no associated organization. There is no business verification done on this level. If you require the certificate to include organization details, you must apply for the Organization Document Signing certificate instead.

The Organization Document Signing certificate requires standard OV level validation with DigiCert. Additionally, the specific user of the certificate must complete Individual Validation with DigiCert as well. There must always be one person verified on an Organization Document Signing certificate, however if there will be multiple users of the certificate, after the individual has completed verification, the certificate can be issued under the company name, and the individual’s name will be removed.

Let’s take a look at the validation requirements for both Individual and Organization Document Signing Certificates from DigiCert.

Individual Validation Requirements

There are two methods for completing Individual Validation with DigiCert. Both methods require gathering personal documents and completing an attestation form before an authorized witness. 

Method 1: Video Conference

DigiCert will coordinate a video call with the individual via Zoom or Skype. During this call, the individual will fill out the Attestation form with the DigiCert agent bearing witness.

The form is not to be filled prior to the video call.

The individual will also show their government-issued photo ID on camera. If the photo ID does not include a valid address, an additional document, such as a utility bill or lease agreement, will be required to verify the address.

The attestation form, photo ID, and any other required documents must then be digitally submitted for review.

Method 2: Notary Letter

In lieu of a video conference, the individual may complete face to face validation with a registered notary.

During this process, the individual must present the notary with their government-issued photo ID with address (or with an additional document to verify the address if it is not on the ID card). The notary must sign and stamp the notary form.

The individual will submit the signed notary form to DigiCert along with a scan of their photo ID and any other required documents.

During the review process, DigiCert will verify the notary’s registration and contact them via a publicly listed telephone number to verify their signature on the form.

Organization Validation Requirements

The Organization Document Signing Certificate requires the same Individual Validation steps as the Individual Document Signing Certificate. There must always be one member of the organization verified, even if the certificate is to be issued under the company name and not to one specific user.

In addition to Individual Validation, the Organization Document Signing certificate requires the same basic Organization Validation steps as for SSL or Code Signing certificates.

Business registration and status verification

The organization must be legally registered with an active status. This information is usually verified using government websites or documentation.

Physical address verification

The organization must have a physical address listed on their government registration or on a third-party business directory website.

Telephone number verification

The organization must have a valid phone number listed on a third-party business directory website. This phone number will be used for the verification call to the organization.

Phone call with member of organization to authorize request

The certificate requester or another authorized member of the organization must complete a phone call with DigiCert at the company’s verified phone number to authorize the certificate request.

Receiving the Certificate

After the validation process is complete, DigiCert will provision your Document Signing certificate on to a secure USB token, then send the package by mail to your verified address.

Once you have received your Document Signing USB device, you can plug it in to your computer and start signing your documents.

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