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Validation for SSL Certificates

After generation, the next step in the SSL process is to complete the stringent validation process set forth by the issuing Certificate Authority (CA). Each certificate type has a different set of requirements that you or your business has to complete. The below articles contain step-by-step instructions on how to complete the validation process.

Domain Validation

  1. Domain Authentication (DV)
  2. Troubleshooting Domain Control Verification (DCV)

Organization Validation

  1. Subscriber Agreement (OV – Sectigo Only)
  2. Organization Authentication (OV)
  3. Locality Presence (OV)
  4. Telephone Verification (OV)
  5. Domain Authentication (OV)
  6. Final Verification Call (OV)

Extended Validation

  1. Enrollment Form (EV)
  2. Organization Authentication (EV)
  3. Operational Existence (EV)
  4. Physical Address (EV)
  5. Telephone Verification (EV)
  6. Domain Authentication (EV)
  7. Employment and Authority Check (EV)
  8. Final Verification Call (EV)
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