Employment and Authority Check

This step is usually completed during the Final verification Call. For EV certificates, the validation team must not only speak with the certificate requester, but also a member of HR or other company official who can attest to the certificate requestor’s position with the company and authority to request the certificate.

Completing the Employment and Authority Check

As stated above, this step is usually completed during the final verification call. In our experience, both of the large CA’s we work with go about fulfilling this step slightly differently, but here’s a general summary that should get you through with either one:

  • The validation agent you speak to will ask to speak with a member of HR, a member of management, or any other employee of the company.
  • They will ask that person to confirm their name, title, and position with the company.
  • They will then ask that person to confirm that the Certificate Requester works for the company and has the authority to request a certificate.

You may not have to complete this step at all if:

  • The certificate requester (Admin contact)’s email address domain as listed on the certificate request matches the company domain (e.g. – Kyle@thesslstore.com, matches the company domain TheSSLStore.com)
  • The Certificate Requester is listed on the company’s Dun and Bradstreet report as an employee of the company.
  • You used a Professional Opinion Letter to skip past most of validation, and The Certificate Requester’s name is mentioned in the Legal Opinion Letter.

Possible Issues with Completing the Employment and Authority Check

Long story short – as long as you have a buddy on stand by who can vouch for you, this step shouldn’t be a problem. If they aren’t available and sitting right next to you to pass the phone to, you can transfer the call to them, or provide the CA with their direct line and/or contact details and the CA will conduct a separate call to complete this step.

After the Verification call, the CA will issue your SSL Certificate. Then you’ll need to install it. For more help installing your SSL Certificate, click here.

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