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How to Monitor Your Site Changes with CodeGuard

Site changes are monitored by CodeGuard’s front-end comparison engine and back-end version control systems.

CodeGuard sends a notification and an email every time there is a change in your website’s code. You can view any modifications, deletions, and additions between each version of your websites on your CodeGuard dashboard.

To minimize the load on your server, CodeGuard only transfers the files that have changed, as opposed to making complete backups of your entire site. To see which files have changed, CodeGuard uses a comparison analysis engine that compares the current site version with the previous back up. If any changes are detected, only the new files will be transmitted to CodeGuard servers. Once the changed files are received by the server, they will be placed in the grit and a new back-up will be created.

With a database, CodeGuard will not perform any up-front comparison, as the database files can be reduced into small sizes. CodeGuard simply compresses the databases before sending them to the backend version control system for analysis.

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Just like with any other FTP Client, CodeGuard uses your FTP or SFTP to list all of the files and folders in your site. Any folders or files that were unselected during the initial backup will not be checked by CodeGuard. The time it takes to complete a backup depends on the number of files on your site, as well as the size of each file.

After the whole list of files is created, CodeGuard compares that list to the list from the previous backup. The files that have changed will be marked to be downloaded.

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There is no monitoring process for MYSQL/MS-SQL. Instead, CodeGuard receives all of the content at all times, and once the database is downloaded it will be compared to the previous backp to detect changes. If any changes are detected, you will see them in the user dashboard. There are currently no ChangeAlert notifications for MYSQL/MS-SQL changes. 

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