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Hackerproof Trust Mark

The Hackerproof Trust Mark is more than just a site seal, it’s a site seal on steroids. Not only does it provide you with a dynamic trust mark that will show your users that your website is scanned by Comodo’s Hackerproof Vulnerability Scanning service on the daily, you will also gain access to HackerGuardian’s fully configurable vulnerability assessment and reporting service.

While the trust mark will only be issued out for one specific domain, you will be given the ability to scan up to 20 IP addresses/domains.

Let’s take a look at how you sign up for the Hackerproof Trust Mark, then go over how you log into the Hackerproof dashboard and some of its features.

Signing up

The Hackerproof Trust Mark is an Organization Validated web security product, meaning that upon purchasing you must generate the order and provide relevant business information.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Purchase

Purchase the Hackerproof Trust Mark from your preferred provider.

2. Generate

Click Generate within your control panel.

3. Create login credentials

Create a username and password. You will use this to log in to the Hackerproof dashboard to configure your scans and see the results. (Usernames and passwords must be min. 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Do not use an e-mail address as the username.)

4. Enter organization details

Enter in your Organization and Contact information and submit.

As soon as your order is submitted, you will receive an e-mail from Comodo confirming your order. Within that e-mail there will be a link to www.comodo.com/hackerproof where you can login with the credentials you created when you generated the order to begin setting up your scans. You can find detailed instructions on how to navigate the dashboard and configure your first scan here.

Although you can configure your scans immediately, scanning on your domain will only commence once Comodo has validated your company details. Once Comodo completes your organization validation, you will receive another e-mail with instructions on obtaining your Trust Seal and the scans you configured within the control panel will start and once completed you can begin reviewing the results.

Additional features and benefits

In addition to getting the Hackerproof Trust Mark and daily vulnerability scans for one domain you specify, you will also be able to run PCI, HackerProof, or SiteInspector scans for up to 19 additional domains.

You will also be given access to take the PCI Data Security Standard Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Completing the Self-Assessment Questionnaire helps online merchants evaluate their security practices and plan compliance with the required PCI Data Security Standard. Further, completing the required SAQ – gives others, such as their Acquiring Bank, the necessary evidence that they are in Compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

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