Why You Need Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing

Go above and beyond, earn your customers' trust

Are you having trouble building reputation and getting your software downloaded by Microsoft SmartScreen users? Then you need an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificate. Only EV Code Signing – and the extensive vetting it entails – can get you trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen. It's the only way to make sure your software won't be flagged as suspicious.

What Differentiates EV Code Signing from normal Code Signing?

An Extended Validation Code Signing certificate has a couple of factors that differentiate it from other code signing certificates:

  • Intensive Vetting – The CA/Browser forum, along with Microsoft, have set out a set of requirements for extended validation. Comodo follows these guidelines to the letter of the law in verifying the identity of the publisher.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – To prevent unauthorized use, all EV Code Signing private keys are stored on external hardware.

EV Code Signing

Code Signing

Extensive Vetting of Publisher

Standard vetting

Private Key stored on External Hardware

Private key stored locally

Trusted by all major browsers and operating systems, trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen filter

Trusted by all major browsers and operating systems

Extended Validation = Instant Trust

Nowadays when your customers download software they need to know that it's safe. That requires that they know the software hasn't been tampered with—something any code signing certificate can accomplish. But they also need to know the identity of the publisher. Statistically speaking, you're far less likely to convert if the browsers issue a warning before users download your software. Extended Validation eliminates these warnings, even for Microsoft SmartScreen users—making it the only product that affords you trust across all browsers.

Isn't Regular Code Signing Enough?

For large, established software companies and publishers that already have good reputations with Google, Mozilla and Microsoft, EV Code Signing might not be necessary. But for smaller companies and developers, establishing reputation can be a challenge. Extended Validation is like the bouncer letting you cut the line at a night club—you might get in if you stand in line all night, but this is a sure thing. You need to be trusted. EV Code Signing makes sure you are.

Affordable and Effective

The best part of an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is the price. Considering what it offers – instant trust from the world's biggest browsers – it's very reasonably priced. After all, you need every conversion, across every platform, to be successful. And with EV Code Signing those download-killing browser warnings will never be a problem.

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