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Scalable, Secure Device Identities
with Managed IoT PKI

X.509 certificates give your IoT devices a unique identity, ensure each device’s integrity, and allow full
encryption of all data. Bu it can be challenging to build a PKI that’s effective for IoT then efficiently
manage thousands or even millions of device certificates. It’s a lot easier with the right IoT PKI solution on
your side.

We help you compare the top IoT PKI solutions to find the one that best fits your manufacturing
processes, organizational needs, and product requirements.


Managed PKI Solutions for IoT


Protect Every Device with a Scalable IoT
Certificate Management Solution

Protecting your IoT devices requires a securely architected and compliant PKI system, as well as certificate management
tools to continually monitor, manage, and update your device identities.

  • Unspoofable Identity & AuthenticationUnspoofable Identity & Authentication
  • Flexible Provisioning to Fit Your ProcessesFlexible Provisioning to Fit Your Processes
  • Easily Integrate With Your SystemsEasily Integrate With Your Systems
  • See & Control Every DeviceSee & Control Every Device
  • Fully Managed to Save You Time & MoneyFully Managed to Save You Time & Money

Unspoofable Device Identity & Authentication

With X.509 certificates, each of your devices will have a unique cryptographic identity that can’t be spoofed or stolen. This gives you a more secure way to identify and authenticate IoT devices—not susceptible to the common vulnerabilities that plague passwords, tokens and other alternatives. That’s why leading IoT platforms recommend IoT developers use device certificates:

Unspoofable Device Identity & Authentication

Flexible Provisioning Options to Fit Your Processes

IoT PKI solutions offer several different options for provisioning and installing certificates on devices. You can choose and customize a process to fit your needs, such as:

  • Installation on the silicon chip before device manufacturing
  • Installation on the device on the production line
  • Remote installation on the device when it’s being deployed in the field
Flexible Provisioning Options to Fit Your Processes

Easily Integrate Into Your Systems

The key to scalable IoT PKI management is automating IoT certificate management tasks such as certificate issuance, installation, renewal, and revocation. IoT manufacturers have several integration methods to choose from, including:

  • SCEP
  • EST
  • Pre-built integrations
  • Batch issuance
Easily Integrate Into Your Systems

See, Control, & Update Every Device

Once you have a certificate installed on each IoT device, the work has just begun. Keeping each device secure requires ongoing monitoring and management, including revoking, issuing, and updating certificates when needed. IoT certificate management features will give you full visibility of all your devices, with automated options for updating certificates and devices when needed.

See, Control, & Update Every Device

Fully Managed to Save You Time & Money

Building, deploying, and managing a private PKI system requires a lot of resources, and the time and expense can add up quickly. With a fully managed IoT PKI solution, you’ll have a fixed annual cost instead of unpredictable and ongoing expenses including hardware, software, staffing, audits, and more.

Fully Managed to Save You Time & Money


Get The IoT PKI & Certificate Management Tools
You Need

With IoT PKI systems often scaling to manage millions of certificates, it’s critical that you have the right IoT certificate
management tools in place. We’ll help you match your project to the IoT PKI solution that’s the best fit for you.


Private CA

Issue certificates from your own
compliant, fully-managed root
certificate authority.


Flexible Provisioning

Install certificates during the
manufacturing process or when
deploying in the field.


Protocol Support

Use standard protocols such as
SCEP, EST, and CMPv2 to issue


Custom Integrations

Integrate with your systems
using a REST API or
pre-built integrations.


Developer Tools

Use vendor SDKs or open source
packages such as OpenSSL or
WolfSSL to build on-device

Certificate Profiles

Customizable Certificate Profiles

Use prebuilt certificate profiles
or create your own profile
to exactly match
your use case.

IoT Defenses

Additional IoT Defenses

Our IoT PKI solutions also
include features for secure
boot, secure over-the-air
updates, and more.

Full Lifecycle

Full Lifecycle Management

Get full visibility and control
over your devices in the field,
including revoking and
updating certificates.

See which IoT PKI solution best fits your needs

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Compare the Top PKI & Certificate Management
Solutions for IoT

Every IoT project is unique, and there’s no one size-fits-all solution for IoT PKI. As a PKI broker, we help you analyze top
PKI solutions to choose the one that best fits your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

Platform Price
company size
$ - $$$$$
Cloud or On-Premise
Small - Large
$ - $$$$
Cloud or On-Premise
Small - Medium
$$$ - $$$$
Cloud or On-Premise
Medium - Large
$$$$ - $$$$$
Cloud or On-Premise

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PKI to Secure Every Type of Device

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Transportation IoT

Transportation IoT

Connected Cars

Connected Cars


Solving Practical IoT Challenges with PKI


PKI for issuing up to 1 million IoT certificates per day

DigiCert helped a multinational telecommunications client manage a private PKI for secure identity/authentication of smart utility meters:

  • Issue up to 1 million certificates/day
  • Integrate with pre-existing management portal
  • Comply with critical security infrastructure requirements
  • Rollover 800+ issuing certificate authorities

Code signing for medical device firmware

DigiCert delivered a PKI solution for a multi-national medical technology company to:

  • Facilitate secure access for multiple developer teams to access code signing
  • Support public and private certificates
  • Use APIs and client tools to integrate code signing into workflows

Automotive IoT PKI for up to 500 million certificates

Keyfactor delivered a PKI solution for securing next-generation automobiles:

  • IoT PKI for certificate-based authentication and firmware signing for connected vehicles
  • Ability to scale to support up to 500 million certificates
  • Full ability to handle over the air updates, including certificate revocation and renewals


Why PKI Is the Go-To Solution for IoT

Manage Device Identities

Manage Device Identities

Give each device a cryptographically -
unique device identity that can’t be faked
or phished.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

PKI enables two-way encryption of data
sent between IoT devices, gateways,
apps, and more.

Secure Authentication

Secure Authentication

Device certificates are significantly more
secure than passwords, tokens, and
other options.

Widely Supported

Widely Supported

A wealth of developer tools, integrations,
and support make it easy to implement
PKI for IoT.

Secure Software

Secure Software

Digital signatures support secure over the air
updates and secure booting, protecting your
devices’ core software.

Block Counterfeits

Block Counterfeits

PKI makes it easy to verify a device’s
integrity to block out rogue or
counterfeit devices.

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