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There's no need to hide it; when most people think of the words "SSL" and "experience" in the same sentence, it usually isn't in the most positive of lights. With SSL, the unpleasant reputation often precedes it. And that's ok – SSL is, at its core, a security product – so it shouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to get, especially as we make our way up the SSL ladder to the more secure premium certificates. Expand Plus

But, as SSL awareness continues to spread across the web – whether it's through the Google announcement that sites with SSL will receive a preferential ranking or with the latest update about CT Transparency – more and more site- and business-owners will be looking to navigate the topsy-turvy road of SSL in hopes of eventually acquiring one for themselves. This is not only where we come in, but exactly where we know we set ourselves head-and-shoulders apart from the competition.

At The SSL Store™, we don't believe in just selling products or merely just supporting our customers and partners, we believe in guiding them through an entire SSL experience whether they are buying directly from us or from one of our well-equipped partners. What do we exactly mean by "SSL experience"? Well, you're a part of it right now. We are there for our customers and partners every step of the way, from the second they come to our site to right after they purchase to pre- & post-installation, and beyond. Let's dive a little deeper into what we mean exactly by SSL experience:

Let's dive a little deeper into what we mean exactly by SSL experience: Expand Minus

SSL Experience
Our Website

Our Website

From the moment you come to our website, we hope you can quickly realize that we're dedicated to the craft of SSL. We're not a measly brochure or template ecommerce website; we've invested heavily over the years into turning our website into a robust resource and stable infrastructure for everything SSL. Recently, we completely revamped our now state-of-the-art product pages – ensuring that they're not only highlighting the features & benefits of our SSL certificate product-line, as well as serving as a useful and fleshed-out knowledgebase of information: from server types to CSR generation, and more. Expand Plus

We also have a ton of helpful SSL tools available FOR FREE as well as a wealth of additional SSL articles, blog posts on recent industry updates, the latest in cyber security news – you name it, we have it. It's all in our commitment to ensuring that our customers and partners not only get access to top-level security products at unbelievable prices, but also have all the knowledge and information necessary to get the product they need, when they need it, and to stay abreast of the latest developments of the ever-changing landscape of cyber security. Expand Minus

Get In Where You Fit In

Not all SSL shoppers are the same, which is why we have specialized and targeted programs available to ensure your specific needs are met and catered to. Looking to buy a cert or two for your specific website? No problem – feel free to browse our "retail" section. Are you with a web hosting company or some other type of IT service provider that buys certs on behalf of their customers? Then our reseller program is definitely the avenue you want to take. Or what if you're a large organization that has a big internal need for SSL certificates? Well, we would point you in the direction of our enterprise program. Expand Plus

We even have a little program for local start-ups… yeah we're that cool! No matter your SSL needs – we have a solution for that. And no matter the solution, you're sure to get outstanding pricing, top-level support, specialized features, and other tips, tricks, and technology all designed to make your entire SSL experience as simple and painless as possible. Expand Minus

Our Website
Purchasing Process

Simple Purchasing Process

After you've decided which program is best suited for your needs, the real experience begins. Our website and Customer Experience Team (Yes! We have a whole department dedicated to your experience) can help everyone from SSL novices to SSL savants. We realize that having more than 80 SSL and web security solutions on our website can be a bit daunting for the faint of heart, but there's no need to be intimidated☺. Expand Plus

If you're completely new to the SSL world and unsure exactly which solution would be best for your website, consult our wise and powerful SSL wizard. He'll ask you a few qualifying questions and get you pointed in the right direction with a few recommendations. Also, our product pages are designed to give you all the relevant and pertinent information about each certificate in a simple and easy-to-digest way. Questions like “how many domains can this cover?” and “does this cert come with the green address bar?” are answered right out of the gate.

Want more of a personal touch? No problem! Our Customer Experience Team is always available to chat via email, live chat directly on our site, and telephone. They'll walk you through the entire ordering process step-by-step. Also, it's important to note that our Customer Experience Team does not consist of salesmen. Now, there's certainly nothing wrong with salesmen, and we will certainly help you with your purchase, but first and foremost – we believe in getting our customers the best certificate solution for their needs, not merely profiling them for the biggest sale we can muster.

The person who helps you select and purchase your cert will be the same person who can help you generate and install it. Again, we aren't salesmen, we're product specialists with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of SSL and what solutions would be best for your needs. Expand Minus

SSL Deployment is a Breeze!

Unlike other online purchases, you're not quite done after making the purchase, you have some work to do! That work is the generation, validation, issuance and installation process and it's truly where we earn our keep. It's where you experience the fruits of our labor. It's why you chose to work with the best. It's also where other SSL companies don't have a chance again, we all know SSL can be a bit tricky – even if you've installed a million certs before (which would be quite impressive – we might have a position available for you! Apply here). But we make cool things like our newly revamped generation process that ensures you always know what to do and you're never left in the dark. Immediately upon purchase, you have the option to go to our generation page if you're ready to get started right away. Or, if you have an IT professional, or some call it – nerd, on stand-by, you can send them an invite link that will take the burden off your hands and walk them through the process – it's that easy! Expand Plus

But if you're braving the generation and installation yourself – no worries, we're here to help! Noticing a theme? Our generation page takes you through the entire process step-by-step, with detailed breakdowns about each phase of the process. It's here where you can select what type of authentication you wish to use, paste in your CSR, select your server, choose your signature algorithm, and more. Did any of that sound foreign to you? Not to worry! Again, we include detailed instructions and explanations for everything you need to do. And remember, our Customer Experience Team is always available to provide further assistance for anything you need. You'll probably end up chatting with the person who helped you pick the cert in the first place! Looks like you've made a new friend! Buy him a beer.

We also have some really amazing FAQs, an extensive knowledgebase, installation resources for everything server, and status tracking for your order with real-time updates from the vendor regarding your validation process. Our Customer Experience Team can even expedite orders on your behalf – if time is of the essence….say what?

Plus, all your orders will be provisioned and managed from a robust control panel that will help rid your pain-points of SSL once and for all. Gone will be the days of going through multiple vendors and channels to locate your certificates – they will all be in one easy-to-use control panel right at your fingertips. And if you're new to SSL, trust us, this is a HUGE convenience ☺.

Finally, if at the end of the day, the certificate just wasn't the right one for you (it does happen from time to time… sigh), that's OK! We have a streamlined cancellation & refund process that you can access right through your control panel. We'll pinpoint the reason you need to cancel and guide you through the next steps of replacing your order with the correct one, or giving you a refund should you all a sudden not want your site secure anymore. That would be odd, but hey, we're here to help in any way we can! Expand Minus

SSL Deployment
SSL Deployment

After Your Site is Secure

At this point – you've selected the certificate you need, purchased it, generated it, and installed it. Congratulations, you're now an SSL expert, maybe not, but you'll feel like an SSL King! Your website is now secure and customers will know that you are safe to conduct business with online. End of the road, right? Well, we don't think the journey must end! For as long as you have a certificate with us, we never go away – but in a good way, we hope☺. Expand Plus

In addition to providing you with the certificate you need, we pride ourselves on keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of the web security industry as a whole. We are constantly updating our website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets with fresh content regarding industry news and updates. Additionally, we send out monthly newsletters and are always creating new webinars and videos for our customers and partners – so that they have all the knowledge they need to ensure the safety of their online business.

Plus, since all SSL certificates expire – we make sure that your site never goes unsecure again. We have an extensive renewal management/reminder tool that will keep you updated on any upcoming expiration with plenty of notice. And all those same resources that were available when you first purchased will be available again for the renewal.

In a nutshell: that's the SSL experience we're talking about. From the moment you come to our site, figure out how to best utilize our premium SSL service, purchase your cert, and get it installed on your site – you're never alone on your SSL journey… you're with the best! Expand Minus

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