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When securing external public-facing webpages, buying your SSL certificates from globally trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) is absolutely the way to go. But, there are plenty of situations where you need private SSL certificates for internal apps, servers and more. The CA/Browser Forum no longer allows publicly trusted SSL certificates to include local names such as internal server names and reserved IP addresses. And, it's no longer possible to purchase a validated SSL certificate for mail and wiki domain names for internal use. But, becoming a Private CA isn't your only option for purchasing and managing private SSL certificates.

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Common Private SSL Certificate Scenarios

Private SSL certificates make perfect sense for services that aren't available to the public and when you
need to restrict access to a select group of users. Typical situations include:

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    Virtual Private
    Networks (VPNs)

  • Data &/or file replication between servers

    Data and/or file replication
    between servers

  • Remote backup


  • Access to mail & personal accounts

    Access to mail &
    personal accounts

  • Remote administration


  • File-sharing


  • Cloud services

    Cloud services

  • Other closed-user group services

    Other closed-user
    group services

Internal PKIs Are Essential, But Far from Easy

Publicly trusted CA-hosted PKI solutions offer many of the same benefits
as an internal or enterprise-branded CA, without all the challenges.

  • Cost Cost
  • Skills Skills
  • Bandwidth Bandwidth
  • Integration Integration
  • Complexity Complexity
  • Risk Risk

69% of enterprises don't have clear ownership of the PKI function and lack the resources and skills to support it

Source: Ponemon Study

The Missing Links in Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)

Microsoft Windows is a primary access point to your company assets within the firewall, over your VPN and from the browser to cloud services. But, you need to control access to ensure only authorized employees and devices gain access. Passwords are expensive to manage, difficult to use and can be stolen by malware. PKI delivers a strong digital identity. While Microsoft CA is free and might seem easy to use, it has significant limitations:

Microsoft CA
  • Lacks visibility and management of all certificates, whether for Microsoft clients or a non-Microsoft app inside or outside the firewall
  • Doesn't automatically manage non-Microsoft clients
  • Upkeep is expensive
  • It's hard to find and maintain internal skillsets to support it
  • Automated certificate issuance, installation and renewal to non-Microsoft clients is required to prevent a failure to authenticate that could lead to customers, partners or employees unable to do their job

Managed PKI Makes Good Business Sense

Publicly trusted CA-hosted PKI solutions offer many of the same benefits
as an internal or enterprise-branded CA, without all the challenges.

  • Save Money Save Money
  • Always Be Current Always Be Current
  • Get Unlimited Scalability Get Unlimited Scalability
  • Minimize Risk Minimize Risk
  • Speed Up Deployment Speed Up Deployment
  • Simplify Management Simplify Management

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Enterprise Alternatives to Becoming a Private CA

DigiCert Cloud PKI Service

All the control, none of the frustration

  • Maintain ControlLimit trust to intermediates issued for your use only and gain complete control over issuance and revocation of end-entity certificates.
  • Personalize with BrandingBrand your intermediate so everyone can see who issued the certificate, ensuring security and maximizing trust.
  • Enjoy Worry-Free InfrastructureKeeping up with industry standards and changes, managing the root and maintaining a secure infrastructure are done for you.
  • Get Flexible OptionsCreate customized certificate profiles or templates that comply to industry standards while giving you control over your organization's chain of trust.
  • Manage with EaseSimplify the entire lifecycle of both private and public digital certificates without the complexity or huge investment. Order, issue, remediate and renew SSL certificates from a single cloud-based dashboard.

Sectigo CA Certificate Manager (SCM)

One seamless solution for private and public SSL certificates

  • Save on Private CertificatesPay a fraction of what you pay for publicly trusted SSL certificates.
  • Stay in Control through a Single PortalManage the entire lifecycle for your digital certificates, including private, through a single pane of glass.
  • Maintain Your BrandMake it clear to users who issued the digital certificate with your own branded intermediate.
  • Increase EfficiencyInstantly enroll, approve, issue and automatically renew digital certificates from a full-featured cloud-based console.
  • Minimize RisksAdhere to industry and compliance standards and easily resolve lost, stolen or compromised keys.
  • Customize Profiles & MorePersonalize profiles and templates that align with your workflows and internal structure.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • DigiCert
  • Symantec
  • Sectigo
  • Comodo

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