Get a Private CA Without the Cost & Effort of Building it from Scratch

Compare the top Private CA solutions with a PKI broker

Creating and managing your own internal PKI is a challenging, resource-intensive task, and all it takes is a single misconfiguration to compromise your entire setup. But there’s a simpler option than building your own from scratch—a managed private CA solution enables modern enterprises to issue and manage private certificates on a fully audited and compliant PKI infrastructure. There are multiple proven platforms that are easy to setup, scalable, and will save you the cost of hardware, software, specialist staff, facilities, and time.

But which platform is best for your needs? The SSL Store™ is a brand-agnostic PKI broker and is uniquely positioned to help guide you to the right solution – without endless sales calls where you’re repeating your use case over and over.

Compare the Top Private CA Solutions

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Private CA Use Cases

Private CA certificates make perfect sense for services that aren’t available to the public,
when you need full control over certificate subjects, validation, profiles, and other variables.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    Virtual Private
    Networks (VPNs)

  • Data &/or file replication between servers

    Encrypted communication
    between servers

  • Remote backup

    Remote access
    and backups

  • Access to mail & personal accounts

    user authentication

  • Remote administration


  • IoT device authentication

    IoT device

  • Smart card authentication

    Smart card

  • Signing containers and other data

    Signing containers
    and other data

Internal PKIs Are Essential, But Far from Easy

Publicly trusted CA-hosted PKI solutions offer many of the same benefits
as an internal or enterprise-branded CA, without all the challenges.

  • Cost Cost
  • Skills Skills
  • Bandwidth Bandwidth
  • Integration Integration
  • Complexity Complexity
  • Risk Risk

69% of enterprises don't have clear ownership of the PKI function and lack the resources and skills to support it

Source: Ponemon Study

The Missing Links in Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)

Some companies choose to build their own private CA using Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS), commonly referred to as Microsoft CA.
While Microsoft CA is free and might seem easy to use, it has significant limitations:

Microsoft CA
  • Lacks visibility and management of all certificates, whether for Microsoft clients or a non-Microsoft app inside or outside the firewall
  • Setup is expensive due to costs associated with labor, hardware security modules (HSMs), and other critical security components
  • Doesn't automatically manage non-Microsoft clients
  • Upkeep is expensive because you’re responsible for all maintenance, compliance, and security
  • It's hard to find and maintain internal skillsets to properly support it
  • Automated certificate issuance, installation and renewal for non-Microsoft clients is difficult
  • Lacks prebuilt integrations, workflows, dashboards, and reporting

Managed PKI Makes Good Business Sense

Publicly trusted CA-hosted PKI solutions offer many of the same benefits
as an internal or enterprise-branded CA, without all the challenges.

  • Save Money Save Money
  • Always Be Current Always Be Current
  • Get Unlimited Scalability Get Unlimited Scalability
  • Minimize Risk Minimize Risk
  • Speed Up Deployment Speed Up Deployment
  • Simplify Management Simplify Management

Efficiently manage and control your SSL certs with MPKI

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Managed Private CA Solutions

DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager

A fully managed PKI solution from the world leader in digital trust

  • Fully Managed PKIDigiCert handles every detail to ensure your private CA is secure and running smoothly—from key ceremonies and audits to secure hardware and backups.
  • Get Flexible OptionsCreate customized certificate profiles or templates that comply with industry standards while giving you control over your organization’s chain of trust.
  • Nearly Instantaneous CA SetupCreate a private CA in days—not months or years. DigiCert’s finely-tuned process means that you can get up and running quickly, while also knowing that every security and compliance detail has been handled correctly.
  • Pre-Built IntegrationsAutomate certificate installation and management with DigiCert’s Rest API, protocol support (eg ACME), or pre-built integrations for common servers, devices, and other platforms.
  • Manage with EaseSimplify the entire lifecycle of all types of digital certificates without the complexity or huge investment. Order, issue, remediate and renew certificates from a single cloud-based dashboard.
  • Choose Your Deployment OptionMeet your specific PKI requirements with multiple deployment options—DigiCert hosted, on-premise, private cloud, in-country, or wherever you need.

Sectigo CA Certificate Manager (SCM)

One seamless solution for private and public SSL certificates

  • Save on Private CertificatesPay a fraction of what you pay for publicly trusted SSL certificates.
  • Stay in Control through a Single PortalManage the entire lifecycle for your digital certificates, including private, through a single pane of glass.
  • Maintain Your BrandMake it clear to users who issued the digital certificate with your own branded intermediate.
  • Increase EfficiencyInstantly enroll, approve, issue and automatically renew digital certificates from a full-featured cloud-based console.
  • Minimize RisksAdhere to industry and compliance standards and easily resolve lost, stolen or compromised keys.
  • Customize Profiles & MorePersonalize profiles and templates that align with your workflows and internal structure.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • DigiCert
  • Symantec
  • Sectigo
  • Comodo

Why You’ll Want to Work with The SSL Store

  • All The Info You Need—In One Place Get access to demos, pricing, and technical details for all of the top PKI platforms. (There’s no need to jump through hoops with a different sales team for each vendor!)

  • Save With Negotiated Discounts We’ll help you be sure that you’re getting the best price quotes possible for each solution. As the largest PKI distributor in the world, we use our relationships to help you.

  • We’ll help you compare solutions to identify the best fit for your needs. We’re not afraid to share the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, because we represent multiple options.

  • You’ll be able to deal directly with your chosen provider, while also getting the benefits of having a PKI broker on your side—insights and support from PKI specialists that work with multiple brands and solutions.

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