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Converting an SSL Certificate to PFX/PKCS12 (SSLShopper Tool)

The following instructions will guide you in using the certificate converter tool on SSLShopper.com to create a PFX/PKCS#12 file using your SSL certificate, private key, and intermediate CA Certificates.

1. Access the Tool

Navigate your web browser to the certificate converter tool on SSLShopper.com.

2. Select Type of Current Certificate

Your certificate should be issued in Standard PEM format. Common PEM extensions include .cer, .crt, and .pem. Make sure Type of Current Certificate is set to “Standard PEM”.

3. Select Type to Convert To

Select “PFX/PKCS#12” as the Type to Convert To.

4. Upload Certificate

Locate Certificate File to Convert and click the Choose File button to upload your certificate. This file should be the certificate that is issued to your web server domain.

5. Upload Private Key

Locate Private Key File and click the Choose File button to upload the file. 

Please Note:

1. Locating the Private Key depends on the server type you have. Please refer to your hosting provider/site admin on how to locate your Private Key.

2. The Private Key file should use the .key extension. To convert from .txt to .key you can simply rename the file in your File Explorer, i.e. rename “privatekey.txt” to “privatekey.key”

6. Upload Chain Certificate Files

Locate Chain Certificate File and click Choose File to upload the CA intermediate certificate. The appropriate certificate depends on what brand of SSL you have, so please make sure you have the correct intermediate certificate before you upload your file.

There are 2 optional uploads for Chain Certificate Files on SSLShopper. If you downloaded your SSL folder from your account with us, you should have all associated chain certificate files in that folder, including the root and the intermediate certificates. 

Chain Certificate File: This file should be the intermediate certificate that goes in between your server certificate and the root certificate. 

Chain Certificate File 2: This file should be a secondary intermediate or the root certificate if your PFX file needs to include the root. For most common servers, you do not need to include the root certificate. 

Sectigo Intermediates

DigiCert Intermediates

8. PFX Password

Create a new password for your PFX file. You will need to remember this password when you install the PFX file on your system.

9. Convert Certificate

Once you have uploaded the certificate and key files, click the Convert Certificate button to complete the process and download your new PFX file. 

You may experience an error if the provided private key or CA certificate files do not match the server certificate. Please feel free to contact our live support team if you need any assistance.


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