Mathivanan Kathirvel

Partner Growth Manager

Mathivanan Kathirvel

Mathivanan "Mathi" Kathirvel is a Partner Growth Manager at The SSL Store™'s India office. He partners with resellers to help them market products to existing customers and attract new ones based on proven best practices. But Mathi doesn't just know about security from a theoretical standpoint — he's a hands-on professional with a master's degree in software engineering. He has more than 8 years of experience in the public key infrastructure (PKI) industry, a passion that started while he was still in college—his internship project focused on the impact of digital signatures!

In his current role, Mathi helps reseller partners in India grow their SSL businesses and align their products and messaging based on successful experiences with other partners. He also provides tailored sales and support team training that helps those organizations meet their needs and provides guidance on ways to improve customer and prospect marketing initiatives.

When Mathi isn't guiding customers toward greater security, he can be found with his nose in the books at the library or at his family's garment manufacturing facility. He's also an avid fan of public speaking, writing blogs, and playing cricket. Needless to say, Mathi spends his free time learning about new technologies and expanding his knowledge on topics of interest.

The next time you're in the area, let Mathi know so that you can get together to discuss your organization's needs over a nice cup of tea. He's happy to talk shop or cricket, and can share a wealth of insights on both topics!