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SSL Certificates Installation Guideline for Citrix

Rapid & Easy Guideline to Install SSL Certificate on Citrix

If you have not generated your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), please click here and follow our instructions on how to place an order.

How to Install an SSL Certificate in Citrix Access Gateway

Installing an SSL certificate in Citrix Access Gateway is completed using the Administration Tool.

The Certificate Authority (CA) will issue your certificate as a pre-built .pem file. If you need a copy of this file you can download it by logging in to your account via

Step 1 – After creating or locating your .pem file, please rename it to get the .crt extension.

Step 2 – Now, open the window from the 'Access Gateway Cluster' tab.

Step 3 – In the 'Administration Tool', click on 'Access Gateway Cluster'.

Step 4 – Under 'Administration' tab, next to 'Upload a .crt signed certificate', select 'Browse'.


Step 5 – Now, browse to your_domain_name.crt (from Step 1) and click on 'Open'.

Alternatively, you can install the certificate file by clicking on Maintenance> Add a signed certificate (.crt) and browse to your_domain_name.crt.

The certificate installation process is now complete.

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