Certificate Key Matcher

Match your CSR, SSL Certificate and Private Key Pairs

It's easy to get things mixed up when it comes to SSL-especially if you're managing a complex infrastructure with multiple certificates. Don't worry. We can help. Our Certificate Key Matcher is capable of verifying that an SSL certificate corresponds to a specific private key or that a CSR corresponds to a specific SSL certificate.

In certain contexts, both can be extremely useful.

Make Sure Your CSR, SSL Certificate and Private Key Match

The Certificate Key Matcher makes it easy to determine whether a private key or CSR file matches a certificate.

This tool allows you to check whether a private key matches a certificate, or if a certificate matches a CSR file. Any mismatches between pairs will prevent your certificate from working properly. Regardless whether you're posting a CSR, a Private Key or an SSL certificate it's important to remember to copy the entire text file.

Your Certificate or CSR should start with:


and end with:


Note: There should be five dashes on either side of both prompts, Private Key included.

Paste SSL certificate:

Paste CSR:

Paste SSL certificate:

Paste private key:

Justin Says: "Any mismatch, especially between a private key and an SSL certificate is going to mess you up. You'll probably have to re-issue and that's going to waste a lot of time."

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