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Becoming a cWatch Reseller Partner is an incredible opportunity to add sales and value to your current product offerings. cWatch Web is a high-value product that's in extremely high demand. As the internet continues to evolve and the threat of cybercrime continues to grow, companies and organizations are investing more into strong cyber security solutions. cWatch Web represents the pinnacle of Security-as-a-Service and is the future of web security, providing unparalleled protection and a limitless potential for growth within the web hosting ecosystem.

cWatch Reseller Partner

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What is cWatch Web?

A comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solution built on a foundation of unmatched security intelligence and experience. cWatch Web is a 20 year culmination from the leading cyber security company, Comodo. It's a complete website security stack backed by a team of highly-trained GIAC certified security engineers that leverage Comodo's advanced threat protection technology to detect, protect and respond to all threats. It provides real-time 24/7 monitoring and protection from DDoS, malware, OWASP Top 10 and a litany of other cyber threats while also enhancing the performance of any website. cWatch Web's critical core features are:



Cyber Security
Operations Center
Secure Content Delivery Network


Delivery Network
cwatch Web Application Firewall


Application Firewall
Cyber Security Operations


Security Information
& Event Management

Top 6 Reasons to Resell cWatch Web

  • Partner Opportunity.

    cWatch Web provides partners a simple entry point to capitalize on a $31 billion and growing MSS market.

    Partner Opportunity
  • Low Maintenance.

    Sit back and let Comodo do the heavy lifting, cWatch Web requires virtually no additional support or on-going maintenance on your end.

    Low Maintenance
  • Low Friction.

    Simple setup. Automatic renewal. Minimal API calls. Standard subscription-based license key model. This is a turnkey security solution.

    Low Friction
  • High Value.

    cWatch Web is extremely robust and available at a fraction of the cost to implement this level of security on your own.

    High Value
  • High Demand.

    90% of Enterprises and 74% of SMBs have been targeted by cyber criminals in the last 12 months. Everyone needs to satisfy this gap in security.

    High Demand
  • Affordable.

    Comodo bottled-up decades of R&D, intelligence and experience so it can offer a comprehensive security solution for any size business and budget.


The Perfect Complement to SSL Reselling

If you're already one of our SSL resellers, then adding cWatch Web is a no-brainer. We all know websites need more security than just powerful encryption and authentication. There are many other threats out there. cWatch Web is the perfect solution and it requires far less support than the SSL certificates you're already offering—it's low maintenance and low friction with a potential for very high returns. Let us know when you're ready to start reselling and we'll get you hooked up in no time.

cWatch Web is perfect for:

  • Web Hosting Providers Web Hosting Providers
  • Managed Service Providers Managed Service Providers
  • Web Designers & Developers Web Designers & Developers
  • Security Solution Providers Security Solution Providers
  • Value Added Resellers Value Added Resellers
  • SEO Service<br> Providers SEO Service Providers

A Recurring Revenue Model

SSL sales aren't quite a one-off—but they're close. With the average certificate lasting between 1-2 years, your opportunities to turn a profit are somewhat limited by time. cWatch Web, by comparison, is a security service—that means it's a monthly subscription model. Or, more specifically, that means an influx of revenue coming in every month from the subscriptions you've sold. You'll be shocked how fast that all adds up.

How cwatch SIEM Work
How cwatch SIEM Work

Offer Your Customers a Comprehensive Security Solution

Your customers want their websites to be safe from ALL threats—not just a select few. And cWatch Web does just that. The demand for this product – and others like it – are at an all-time high. It's impossible to avoid news of hacks and data breaches these days, cyber security is on every business owner's mind—and with cWatch Web you'll be perfectly positioned to fill that need. Besides, as their trusted advisor, your reputation is on the line as well.

Offer your customers fully managed cyber security with cWatch.

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A Price Point for Every Customer

cWatch Web is Enterprise-grade security at SMB prices, and it caters to four different levels of clientele, from the smallest personal websites to massive Enterprise domains. You'll be able to find the perfect solution for every potential customer, regardless of size, scope or budget.



For small blogs &
small websites



For professional or small
business websites

*MSRP /year /month


For small & medium sized
business (SMB) & e-commerce

*MSRP /year /month

Add Extra Value, Not Extra Work

Becoming a cWatch Web Reseller (Beta) will be a turn-key opportunity for anyone looking to add serious growth & sales to their current product offering. cWatch Web requires very little support or maintenance, despite providing an exceptional level of security and value for any size customer. cWatch Web will sell itself, join the beta launch to help contribute to its success.

If you're interested in this limited beta opportunity, fill out the form below and one of our account managers will contact you to let you know more in detail.

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