Adam Thompson

Director of Digital Marketing

Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson is the Director of Digital Marketing at The SSL Store™.

He brings a scientific, data-driven approach to marketing. He excels at organizing and understanding how all the parts of a marketing strategy fit together. This is how Adam finds and fixes weaknesses and takes advantage of opportunity areas.

When a customer does a search on Google, Adam discerns what they want and figures out how to do an exceptional job at providing the searcher with the information they want and need. Adam also interprets the flight patterns of birds and the movement of the Sun and Moon to determine the will of the Google gods.

That's really just a fancy way of saying Adam keeps the company apprised of new developments with SEO and SEM. When Adam isn't working his SEO magic, you can find him out exploring new places-everything from new countries to nooks and corners of Florida.

Adam has even lived in Japan for a couple of years. On the rare day that he's not globe-trotting or working, you can find Adam enjoying a pot of dark chocolate fondue with his wife.