Justin Lee

Customer Experience Manager

Justin Lee

Justin Lee is the Customer Customer Experience Manager, he oversees all US customer service operations and he's extremely passionate about ensuring customers have the best experience possible anytime they give us a call.

In an era of stunted social skills, Justin understands it can be daunting to pick up a telephone and have to speak to another human being. That's why Justin is laser-focused on training our CED to be as knowledgeable and affable as humanly possible.

When you call The SSL Store, not only will you get the answers you need – you'll hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Part of Justin's passion for cybersecurity lays in helping others to unlock its potential, which is why he's situated perfectly as the leader of our support squad.

In his free time, Justin loves photography and automobiles, or "cameras and cars" as he so eloquently puts it.

Justin is an explorer at heart, on weekends he loves to discover new places and experience new things with his fiancée.

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