Nikolai Kaufmann

Partner Growth Manager

Nikolai Kaufmann

Nikolai Kaufmann is The SSL Store's Partner Growth Manager for EMEA, though at heart he considers himself an SSL Web Security Specialist.

Nikolai's primary objective is to help our partners grow and he has a unique blueprint to follow as he does: his own. Having worked on both the Certificate Authority side, for Symantec, as well as in a reseller capacity, Nikolai has grown and succeeded on his own in this industry and brings a unique perspective that helps to empower his clients to achieve the same successes.

Nikolai started his journey in the SSL industry back in 2010, when he fielded a call for a German speaking account manager. He has absolutely loved every moment since. His favorite part of the role is simply helping people, the more pressing the problem—the better.

Nikolai has even helped keep customers out of the bread line with his in-depth knowledge of the SSL game. In his personal life, Nikolai is happily married to his hero, whom he admires for her ambition, grace and patience with him. The pair share 2 children, whom Nikolai dotes on endlessly.

In his free time, Nikolai is passionate about sports. Pretty much any sport: Rugby, Cricket, Formula One Racing, Soccer (or as Nikolai insists on calling it: football)—whatever is on that weekend. Nikolai also enjoys the beach, fishing and braai-ing, which is like BBQing, only with real wood. None of that propane stuff for Nikolai.