11 Reasons to Partner with Us

Make an Online Profit with SSL Certificates

We could give you 100 reasons to consider us over the fly-by-night SSL companies, but we’ll stick to just 11 so you can get the gist…we wouldn’t want to bore you.

1We never close. There is always somebody here, the lights never go off. We are a true 24/7/365 company. Call us on Christmas Day, we'll be here to make sure your SSL business runs smoothly, but we may have a Santa hat on.

2We answer the phone.We don't even have an average hold time, because we actually answer the phone. Our average wait is 6 rings, not 6 minutes. Get the solution in 6 rings or less, that's how we do it.

3No contracts or commitments.Ride our coattails all the way to the bank….hold on tight too. Let us deal with the contracts, commitments and negotiations with the vendors, we have more leverage and we know who to deal with. Just come and go as you please.

4Dedicated account manager.Let's face it, things come up anytime you are dealing with servers, technology and the Web, isn't it nice to be able to talk to someone and you know what they look like, sound like, act like, etc.? Learn your dedicated account manager's favorite color, movie, pet's name, kid's name and pizza topping…just ask, it's fun and seriously effective.

5Access to many trusted brands. One login site. One username. One password. One control panel… Many different SSL & Web security brands all under one roof. Be able to offer your client's the World's most trusted brands; they will appreciate your unbiased recommendations and substantial product breadth.

6We develop and innovate.Technology may be the fastest thing on this planet. As it grows and changes, so do we. We are always developing new features, tools, plug-ins, API calls and ways to make your SSL life easier…and guess what? Generally speaking, we don't charge a penny…it's on us.

7We buy in bulk. Pricing is always everyone's favorite. We buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted rates based on volume, and we will soon be the largest SSL provider in the World in 2012…meaning the more we can buy, the more you can save. We pass the savings on to you.

8Sales and marketing tools.The last thing you want is to have to worry about another message or more content ideas for your site or brochures…don't worry, we've already done it and are always producing more just for you and your clients. Get full access to everything you need to succeed in our SSL Profit Portal™

9Only focused on SSL.Our 45+ man team is only focused on delivering, maintaining and supporting SSL & related security products. That means we are not distracted by other projects or clients not related to you. We eat, breathe, and sleep SSL to make sure you get what you need. I bet you can't find any other company like that.

10Direct access to vendors.The relationship we have with DigiCert/DigiCert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte & Comodo and the rest of the gang is far better than just about everyone on the Web. We have direct access to them, meaning secret phone lines, exclusive email addresses, and teleportation devices. When there's a problem, we can have it resolved and remedied in ways others can't…GUARANTEED!

11We are flexible.Do you have an idea? Do you have an abnormal situation with a client? Do you need a special solution? We have many resources and are able to bend, flex, mold in many different ways…give us a call and we'll put our heads together and figure out a way that works for us both, it's that easy.

Enough about us…now, let us help you grow your SSL business. Sign-up today and become a successful SSL reseller with the best SSL partner in the World.