Symantec™ Seal-in-Search

Display the Norton Trust Mark to Increase Google Traffic

What is Symantec™ Seal-in-Search?

When customers browse online, they often find a long list of Web sites vying for their business. Getting toward the top is hard enough, but what about getting people to choose your link?

Symantec™ Seal-in-Search™ a feature of Symantec™ SSL Certificate solutions and the Norton Trust™ Seal, puts the Norton trust™ seal next to your link in search engine results to show that the Web site is trusted by Symantec™, increasing clicks by 18.5% according to

The way it works

Symantec™ is the leading SSL provider, and consumers recognize this trust mark on the Internet. Browsers can now search with confidence and visit sites that are trusted by bringing the value of Seal-in-Search to their search display listings. Seal-in-Search is powered by Symantec™ reliable hyperlinks in popular enabled browsers with a free plug-in, as well as on partner shopping sites and product review pages. Symantec™ Seal-in-Search helps to improve web link awareness and strengthen customer assurance, which leads to higher profits and enhanced traffic to reliable web pages.

Site in Search


Displaying the Norton Trust Mark increases traffic from search engines; Seal-in Search allows search engines to recognize Symantec™ reliable web pages and display the Norton Trust Mark next to your web link in search results.

Display the Norton Trust Mark

Seal-in-Search technology was created by Symantec™ and is enabled by safety software services that partner with Symantec™. For example:
  • Customers of AVG, a leading antivirus vendor with an install base of 80 million desktops worldwide, will see the Norton Trust Seal in search results of commonly used search engines.
  • Anyone can obtain the free AVG plug-in to permit Seal-in-Search in common browsers: AVG LinkScanner.
  • is the first shopping Web site to partner with Symantec™ to display Seal-in-Search to all visitors.