Eric Dornbush

Business Analyst

Eric Dornbush

Eric Dornbush is a Business Analyst for The SSL Store™, but that title belies the role he actually plays for the company. He's the reason things run smoothly around here.

Whether it's project management and his ability to liaise between teams, or his keen eye as he leads the QA process – Eric is always ready with constructive feedback and a creative solution.

A renaissance man in every sense, Eric worked a veritable odyssey of odd jobs on his way to The SSL Store™, learning to ride and show jump on a 30-horse ranch in California, to working in a pharmacy– it all prepared him for the intricacies associated with facilitating the production of our development team.

In his personal life, Eric loves to be outdoors. He's an accomplished athlete, taking third in 2018's Fort De Soto triathlon.

He also loves CrossFit, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, skiing, or just grabbing a cold IPA at a local St. Pete brewery.