ASV Pricing: How Much Does a PCI ASV Scan Cost?

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We all know that vulnerability scanning is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirement. Every organization that accepts payment cards, regardless of size, is required to perform quarterly ASV scans — both internal and external — using a product or approved scanning vendor (ASV). And while that sounds like an onerous requirement, we’re about to show you that it’s really not. But how much does a PCI ASV Scan cost to run?

In reality? Not much — so long as you know which product to buy. That’s because there’s a very simple, very affordable solution. Sectigo’s HackerGuardian PCI Scanner is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive and most affordable PCI ASV Scanning solution available anywhere. It’s also one of the PCI Security Council’s approved scanning vendors.

Let’s look at a quick comparison of what it costs for other ASV-certified scanners:

  Sectigo Sectigo ServerScan Tenable Trust Guard McAfee
Product HackerGuardian HackerProof ServerScan PCI Scanning PCI ASV Workbench Security Scanned McAfee Secure PCI Compliance Scanning
Price Per Year $81.90 per year $600 per year $188 (per IP address) Starts at $2,275 per year for licensing $148 per year for quarterly scans (up to $1,764 per year for daily) $150 (per IP annually)
Unlimited, On-Demand Scanning Yes Yes Yes Unknown (Depends on the plan) Yes
Self-Assessment Questionnaire YesYesYes Unknown Yes No
Automated Scan Frequency Options Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Quarterly Internal and External Vulnerability Scans Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Unknown
Support Phone, Email, and Chat Phone, Email, and Chat Phone and Email Phone and Email Phone and Email Phone and Email
Security Trust Seal No YesYes Unknown Yes Unknown

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Note: We put this information together using what information is available on competitors’ websites at the time this article was written.

Not All PCI Scanners Are Created Equal

HackerGuardian PCI Scanner is constantly being updated to ensure that your network is safe and secure. If the scanner finds anything, it produces actionable remediation reports that you can use to harden your defenses. Then, simply run the scan again. When it returns a clean result, it will produce a ready-to-submit report that you can turn in to your acquiring bank.

Pretty easy, right?

But not every scanner does that. And no scanner is cheaper. But beyond that, the fact that Sectigo HackerGuardian provides actual remediation solutions saves you time and money in the long run. Rather than sourcing solutions and hiring outside help to fix it, you can do everything in-house, which is obviously a lot cheaper.

Look How Easy It Is to Set Up

Let’s take a quick look at just how easy it is to set up Sectigo HackerGuardian. It’s literally just two easy steps:

  1. Make sure the Sectigo HackerGuardian scanner IPs are trusted by your server. This may mean manually adding them to your trusted IP list.
  2. Add the IP addresses/ranges you want to scan.
Sectigo HackerGuardian keeps your ASV scan cost low

Now, all you have to do is click Scan.

Sectigo HackerGuardian helps you stay compliant & keep your ASV scan cost low

That’s it. It’s really that easy.

HackerGuardian — Get More, Pay Less

Curious about PCI ASV pricing? Yeah, we would be, too. As you saw in the table above, depending on the vendor, approved ASV scanning vendor costs can range significantly from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Now, the good news — finding a PCI ASV Scanner doesn’t have to cost a lot: we sell it for even less than Sectigo!

That’s right. Whereas it retails for around $250 if you buy it directly from Sectigo, we sell it at just a third of that price. And if you find Sectigo’s ASV scan cost cheaper anywhere, just tell us and we’ll beat the price — guaranteed.

Sectigo’s HackerGuardian is also available at the Enterprise and HackerProof levels. HackerProof provides additional features like more scans, more IP addresses, and the HackerProof trust mark that can be deployed to further inspire customer trust.

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning is, without a doubt, the internet’s best PCI ASV Scanning option. The best scanner for the best price.

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