Who’s the Best ASV Vendor for PCI Scanning?

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Not only does PCI DSS require quarterly vulnerability scans (and reports), it also requires you to work with an ASV vendor, or what’s known as an “approved scanning vendor” or “ASV vulnerability scan vendor.” In the industry, there are many PCI ASV vendors competing for business. And that begs the question, what’s the best ASV scanning vendor to work with?

Easy. It’s Sectigo.

Look, we could try to maintain an air of objectivity about all of this, but we’ve tested the various scanners and the only one we even thought was worth selling is Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanner. Let’s cover why.

Sectigo Is an Industry Leader

Sectigo, formerly Comodo CA, has an outstanding reputation in the cyber security space. Originally, Comodo CA was built around an antivirus suite that has become one of the world’s finest. It’s that experience, and the fact Sectigo has grown into the world’s largest certificate authority, that has positioned it to offer such a robust and affordable ASV scanning solution.

When you work with Sectigo, you’ve got two decades worth of experience behind you. You’ve got a cyber security behemoth with massive resources in your corner. Other approved vendors just don’t boast those credentials. Sectigo didn’t earn its place by accident; it did so by being the best.

Sectigo Has the Best ASV Scanner

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanner is built on the back of Sectigo/Comodo’s world famous antivirus suite. Each day, new threats get found and new tests get added to keep Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanner always up to date.

But it doesn’t stop there. Where other scanners just turn up vulnerabilities and point you in their direction, Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanner does all of that but also provides instructions on remediation. You’re not trying to blindly fix a problem — you’re leveraging advice from the world’s security leader. Nobody knows how to fight malware better than Sectigo, and that’s who’s telling you how to do it.

Beyond that, Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI scanner also produces ready-to-submit reports. The tedium that typically comes with documenting scans and then submitting them has been replaced by an automated process where Sectigo puts all of the requisite information together for you, and all you need to worry about is getting it to the bank.

Nobody else does that with their scanner. And here’s the coup de grace:

Sectigo Sells the Cheapest Scanner

When we say that Sectigo has the cheapest ASV scanner, we don’t mean that in terms of being shoddily made; we mean cheap in terms of price alone. Nobody sells their PCI scanner for less than Sectigo — period. Many scanners can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars and they have no where near the functionality or suite of tests that HackerGuardian boasts. Why would you buy something that’s 10 times more expensive, but only does half as much?

You wouldn’t.

This is what makes Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanner such a compelling choice. It retails starting around $250. We sell it for a third that price, starting at just $81.90. That gets you an unlimited number of PCI quarterly scans on up to five IP addresses. There are higher classes of plans like Enterprise and HackerProof, both of which come with unlimited quarterly PCI quarterly scans, up to four times as many IP addresses (20 IP addresses for each plan), and a trust seal. Additional IP address packs are available, too.

HackerGuardian PCI scanning takes the hassle out of PCI DSS requirement 11 by performing scans, offering actionable advice, and producing ready-to-submit reports.

No one else does that. And nobody sells it for less than we do. We guarantee it.

Save 67% on PCI ASV Scanning

Stay compliant with Sectigo’s HackerGuardian PCI Scanner for only $81.90/year.

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