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5 Ways to Increase Trust Online

Secure Your Site and Protect Your Customers from Fraud

Skeptical consumers, increasing competition, and more sophisticated fraudsters make trust essential to your success online. Before customers click, they need assurance that your site is secure, their transactions are protected, and you are who you say you are. Make sure your Web site earns its full potential with these tips for increasing trust online.

One  PROBLEM: Concerns about sharing personal data online.

       SOLUTION: Secure your site with VeriSign SSL.


If you collect any information on your Web site or if your customers create an account to sign-in, you need to protect their personal information in transmission across the Internet with encryption. VeriSign SSL solutions both secure your online transactions and help assure your customers that they are safe when they shop, share, or click on your site.

two  PROBLEM: Identity theft and fraud are on the rise.

       SOLUTION: Display the VeriSign Trust™ Seal.

Verisign-TrustVeriSign seals show that a site is secure and authenticated by a trusted third party. The most recognized trust mark on the Internet, the VeriSign seal is viewed up to 650 million times per day on over 100,000 Web sites in 165 countries. Added features work with the VeriSign Trust Seal to show customers that your site is scanned daily for malicious code to protect their computers from infection.

three  PROBLEM: Competing for clicks in search results.

        SOLUTION: VeriSign® Seal-in-Search™ increases your link visibility.


VeriSign® SSL Certificates come with additional features so you can do more than secure your online transactions. The Seal-in-Search feature helps your link stand out as a trusted site. Browsers enabled with a free plug-in and shopping sites and product review pages that partner with VeriSign, display the VeriSign Trust Seal next to your link.

four  PROBLEM: Imposter sites are difficult to detect.

       SOLUTION: Get the green address bar.


SSL Certificate with EV trigger high-security Web browsers to display your organization’s name in a green address bar and show the SSL provider that issued it. Web site visitors know at a glance that the certificate owner has met the industry’s highest standard of authentication.

five  PROBLEM: Malicious code undermines trust and availability.

       SOLUTION: Confidence that your site is free of malware.

verisign-malwareYour Web site could be infecting your customers’ desktop computers and become blacklisted by search engines without your knowledge. Malware can be spread by injecting malicious code into Web sites to infect visitors’ computers. The VeriSign daily malware scan of your public Web pages helps protect your business and your customers. If malware is detected, you receive an email alert warning you of the intrusion. Early alerts help you maintain availability and assure your customers that your site is safe.