Re-Hashed: How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Phones
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Re-Hashed: How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Phones

A quick guide on how to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones.

One of the most common problems on Android devices comes in the form of a browser message that says, “your connection is not private.” This may be confusing to you because it occurs even on the newest devices with the latest updates and the current OS. It’s not a big deal though, here’s how to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones.

Let’s Start with SSL/TLS Certificates

First a little background. An SSL Certificate, as you may know, is designed to both authenticate the identity of the website you’re visiting – something that is done by the certification authority that issues the certificate and ensures that you know who’s on the other end of your connection – and to encrypt all communication between your browser and the web server.

This is extremely important because, without SSL encryption, all of the communication you’re sending to the web page you’re visiting is out in the open and can be intercepted or manipulated by a third party. With an SSL Certificate, however, that communication is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the website itself.

Browsing without a secure connection is never a good idea.

Now, one last little bit of information for the sake of clarity. SSL is really only the colloquial term for the protocol at this point. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, it was the original protocol for encryption but TLS or Transport Layer Security replaced it a while back. They both accomplish essentially the same thing, but at this point, true SSL has been phased out (Android no longer supports SSL 3.0 – its last iteration) and we’re really talking about TLS Certificates.

How to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones

When you get an SSL Certificate error message on your Android phone there are several ways you can go about fixing the issue. We’ll list five possible fixes. If one doesn’t work, try the next. Eventually, you’ll have the problem corrected.

SSL Connection Error In Andorid

1.) Correct the Date and Time on your Android Device

This is a simple fix that may solve this Android error for you immediately. Just make sure your date and time are correct. To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Date & Time.” From there, simply activate the option for “automatic date & time.”

how to Set Date & Time in Android

2.) Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

If the Date/Time fix didn’t work, you may need to clear your browsing data. This is another simple process. Start by opening Chrome and then pressing “Menu.” Go to “Privacy” and select “Settings.” Then choose “Clear Browsing Data.” Check all the boxes on the screen and then hit “Clear.”

Chrome Clear History

3.) Change WiFi Connection

Try changing the WiFi connection on your device if clearing data and resetting your Time/Date didn’t work. You may be on public WiFi which is notoriously unsecure. Find a private WiFi connection and see if the Android error is fixed.

set Android wifi setting

4.) Temporarily Disable Antivirus

If you have installed an antivirus or security application on your Android phone, try temporarily disabling it and then start browsing again. Sometimes these apps can interfere with your browser in a way that causes the SSL connection to fail.

5.) Reset your Android Device

This is the nuclear option, but if all of the other aforementioned suggestions have failed to solve the SSL Certificate error, you may have to reset your device. The first step in this case is to back up your phone, lest you lose all of the things you have stored on it. After that, select “Settings” and then “Backup & Reset.” Then click “Factory Data Reset.”

Backup and Reset Android Device

Hopefully, this guide has shown you how to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones, but in the event that it hasn’t we invite you to share your issue in the comments section and we’ll try to help you out with it.

Note: Re-Hashed is a regular weekend feature at Hashed Out where we select an older post to revisit. This week we take a look at the answer to one of the questions we get asked the most: How to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones.

  • I only get SSL connection error when I try to use meetup-I had no problem for two years, then suddenly last week, it stopped. The SSL connection error only appears when I try to use this website. It affects my computer and mobile. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have the same problem as Dale, has. I was able to get access my bank website, and my online login until about a month ago. Now, I am not able to get to the login page, on my android tablet. I have tried, various methods that I have been told to do. What is up with this problem?

    • Hi Sandy,

      Can you share the website for your bank? It is possible the issue is related to their website’s SSL configuration and outside of your control.

      • Hi I saw this posting & want if you would to look into this site the same thing keeps happening to me when trying to access my credit unions page. It’s is what it jumps to when I hit login.n

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with opening CITIBANK online on my samsung A3 android smartphone. It says SSL error. related with date and time. I tried to work out with date and time but no results.
    Can you please help me?

  • Hello,
    I am getting same error on my site but only on android phones. I check it on 2 mobiles.
    Please tell me how can I fix it. I think it is not android’s problem it is problem of ssl certificate.
    Please help me about it.

  • Hi,
    I am not able to open some app in my android phone, while its initially working but after re -installation its not working showing SSL errors. How to fix it.
    Error msg: Protocol Exception: SSL handshake aborted : ssl= 0x5ff415d0: Failure in ssl library, usually protocol error error:14077102 : SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER HELLO: unsupported protocol

  • SSL connection fixing has always been a problem for me. This would help me immensely. i don’t know how to express my gratefulness for this blog. Thanks and regards.

  • i have got an error “Unable to Connect, SSL Handshake error” and not SOTI app not connecting due to this issue, can you help me to sort out issue

  • Hi,

    I am getting same blunder on my site yet just on android telephones. I check it on 2 mobiles.

    If it’s not too much trouble reveal to me how might I settle it. I think it is not android’s issue it is issue of ssl testament.

    It would be ideal if you help me about it.

  • I tried all 5 and still won’t connect. I’m trying to connect to Total Connect 2.0 .SSL handshake aborted: I/O error during system call , Connection reset by peer

  • Even after #5 I face ssl error. The error is not specific to any website and is random. on trying 2-3 times the page is loaded. I dont know if it is some software patch which has got corrupted or some hardware bug.

  • Hello, i have the problem but only when i’m on 4G. on wifi i can access any https:// website, on 4g it’s random, sometimes yes, mor often i can’t. do you ever had this problematic?

    • I keep getting a pop up saying connection to server failed;ssl handshake failed. Icant get rid of it after trying the above 5 methods

  • Hi
    I got protocol error on some website like, 7starhd. Etc. Plz help me how can i solve this problem

  • Hello!
    I can’t get onto gmail to check my email on Google Chrome browser. It won’t load, then an error message appears: Your connection is not private

  • I am try all but my phone show it again and the website was not running and this website is also not run but I am go in advanced and click the opinion plz help me to solve my smartphone model intex aqua 5.5 vr

  • I went through the list but none worked so went for the factory reset, but I forgot my password for my google account and ended up being locked out my phone. Factory reset protection I think it was called when I googled it, which apparently is quite common as we had never heard of it before and got caught out. Will try again when the 72 hours are up, fingers crossed. Using my old sony with android 4.3 on it which doesnt have them ssl connection issues.

  • Hello I tried all of the above methods but still m getting the same error…. Even m not able to open IMS official website…. Please help me out coz m tired of this problem and it’s urgent to solve this issue as soon as possible

  • Here is the fix; I have noticed this problem on every Samsung I own and have owned. I have used every recommended fix without success. Then I took out the pre-installed Internet and added Firefox. Presto: no errors. The problem is the crap search engine Samsung uses, NOT your phone.

  • Hi , please help me, i shared a post from my website to our facebook page, when user uses android facebook app and clicks the like, i get an error Security Error – There are problems with the security certificate for this site.

  • Tried all the above without success. I’ve been travelling in SE Asia, using a lot of free wifi’s at hotels, airports etc. You frequently have to go to an airport/hotel portal page to log in, but often i couldn’t even get that far.
    Connection was frustratingly random, sometimes no problem, sometimes Privacy Error for 5 times, then finally connect.
    What DOES seem to help is to type a dummy url, like
    That stops any cached version of a page from interfering. Give it a try!

  • I agree with earlier comment, it seems to relate to the default browser. Just downloaded Firefox and problem solved.

  • Have Samsung note 3. Was getting ssl error on some websites. Tried all on above list. Same problem. Downloaded Firefox for free from the app store. It opens all those websites no problem. Thanks so much to whoever posted that . You rock!

  • Sorry I don’t have email, Google Gmail has its own issues when you don’t remember the password or a landline phone number. or a number they would accept for verification. Also I would have hated to make this nice long important comment and then not be able to post it.
    For those of you who have tried all of the above options, (me included) and it didn’t work, there is good news and bad news. This is true if you have an older version Android such as 2.2.x for gingerbread version 2.3.x.
    The problem you may be having where some sites will load and other sites will not display you may get a message something like, the web page cannot be displayed. Or it cannot secure a secured connection or something like that. It is because your phone mine included does not support TLS above 1.0 version. This is because many websites are now not supporting the older 1.0 version and they only support the TLs 1.1 o I’m actually using one of my old Android phones which is still version 1.0 and I can’t go back to edit as it’s difficult to do sor TLS 1.2. The reason for this is because websites want to be more secured and they are electing to go the security route and you can’t blame them . The the bad news is, there’s no fix update or patch that Android officially has to fix it however, there are options which are the good news. (Sorry tried to edit, continuing on)
    Only a few websites actually explain why they cannot display the page to you. if you try to go to say, or they give you a pretty good idea why they’re page does not display. and this is true for many websites as many more are changing over to those newer TLS.
    Now for the options. One of the workarounds would be to go through a proxy server. I won’t list any names however if you search for those sites that you can go to that allow you to enter in the URL you can then display those pages that are not displaying. another option would be if the page does not display enter the cached Page by entering

  • Sorry, I had to post an incomplete comment I could not get back to the bottom. editing on s smartphone difficult. Continuing on;
    If you type cache: in front of the page that does not display, if Google has the page cast, it will display for you at least it should.

    But the ultimate option of all! Would be to install an unofficial version of Android that is newer than the one that you are using it’s called a custom ROM. also if you do research look for how to root your phone will help in this area as well. I’m hoping when I do this I can fix this phone and be able to comment much better. I do have to say the last part hear about dating to a custom rom I have not tried yet I’m still reading on but when I read it should work. Provided that your Android version is 4.0 or higher. if you do go to custom ROM option, make sure that it’s compatible with your specific model of phone I’m still researching on how to do this.

    I hope the above that I have mentioned, will help some people out. I have been having over a year of many sites not displaying as time goes on more I’m not displaying in from when I read somewhere June of 2018 many more sites will be switching over. Hopefully not this one that we’re all reading on. Yet 😉

  • Thank you for all those suggestions. The one that did it for me was cleaning out the cache. Typical always having the cleaning to do.
    But really now I can log back into my Super fund.

  • Having the same problem. Unable to get car tax from DVLA. Works ok using chrome app but not using the samsung internet app.

  • I just got a new phone, a Samsung galaxy j7. I reinstalled all the apps I had in my previous work and they all work great except for one. The building where I live has an app we use to request maintenance etc. I reinstalled it, then you chose your building, enter your email and you get a link to click on to proceed logging in. I keep getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR non-stop and I don’t know what to do since it is the only app that is doing this.

  • On my device for some reason the Digicert root certificate was disabled. Search for cert in your settings and check for disabled root CA certs

  • Have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) none of the above have worked when I am connected to a Wi-Fi (BT) I am still getting the error but I do not have any problems when I switch the wifi off and go to mobile data any ideas about what could be wrong?

  • I have a Moto g android phone and when trying to sign in to Yahoo mail app I get SSL error 3. Can anybody help please.

    • Yes, the threat is caused by the root certificate DST Root CA X3 (Digital Signature Trust and Co). The Chain seems to be expired on 31.5.19, even the certificate appears to be still valid.

  • hi
    in my samsung galaxy y i could’nt sign in my account samsung
    it solved, when i updated my software in setting… (dosnt work first, but when i scroll the privacy and… by click in down-flash then showed privacy and… sentences completely to read) so, now i can sign in to my account.

  • If you are 100% sure (and I mean 100%) the you can always add an exception rule but if you don’t know what that means or you don’t know how to do it then don’! You could be asking for trouble.

  • Yea. I was having the ssl problem with a HUAWEI B310 wireless internet device. Clearing the Chrome data solved it. Thank you so much

  • Hi apparently I have tried all of the above and it still doesn’t work! I’m extremely frustrated and I’m going insane! Please advise! 🙂

  • Hello , please check my comment and answer it’s very neccesary for me
    I have this problem to it was good but suddenly the problem started in my huawei g610 u-20
    I try all of your seggust but none of them helping me!!! please help me I can’t connect to everything and my life and work now have problem with it
    I’m confuse what can I do
    helping please
    thank you this site is really good and nice

  • Thanx! Couldn’t figure it out but wouldn’t you know step 2 actually worked for me. Cleared the data and got connected!

  • I tried all of the above, except a reset. I am at an institution with a sign in required for wifi, android, samsung galaxy, repeated “Your connection is not private” messages. Nothing was working. Then, I went to chrome, incognito, typed in the institution’s web address and the sign in finally popped up.

  • The SSL Security issue is only in Google Chrome for me, usually with free hotel WiFi. Using the generic browser and the hotel’s URL usually overcomes tge problem.

  • hi. A website i frequently visited before now shows privacy issue in my android phone but when i tried it in computer, no problems. how to resolve this please

    • Without knowing more specifics, it’s kind of difficult for me to diagnose the problem. What desktop browser do you use? Can you check the certificate details (click the padlock) and see who issued the certificate?

      • Yes, the threat is caused by the root certificate DST Root CA X3 (Digital Signature Trust and Co). The Chain seems to be expired on 31.5.19, even the certificate appears to be still valid.

  • Trying to access deviantart on Chrome on my Tab S4, but keep getting “connection was reset” error message. Everything was working fine yesterday.

    Emailed a fellow user and they’ve got full access, no problems at all.

  • no a website opens on one phone (android 7) without any problem , and on other phone (android 5 lollipop) it shows ssl error when I try to access the same website

  • I’m having the same issue, its says the request URL/aff_c was not found on this server what must I do to fix this please help me

  • Having tried all of the tips suggested I am still having the “This site cannot provide a secure connection” followed by ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR anyone else know how to rectify this. I am using Google Chrome

    • Having tried all of the tips suggested I am still having the “This site cannot provide a secure connection” followed by ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR anyone else know how to rectify this. I am using Google Chrome
      I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8


  • My old-faithful galaxy core prime, with android lollipop, just started showing a ssl connection error last week. So far this only happens when logging into my bank – None of the options worked for me, sans the reset, which I won’t do. There sb a fix for this. If someone in support could please advise, I (and many others) would be very grateful!! Thanks in advance!

  • thankyou sir My problem solved date and time error thanks a lot this article help me a lot..

  • hey guys. I got this problem with my HUAWEI NOVA 3i version the latest version of EMUI. I can’t sign in to my google account. it keeps saying that “there was a problem connecting to” I already factory reset my phone and the problem is still there. so if anyone can help me, please help me. Thank you

  • I tried all that you provided and none of it worked. When I tried to go through the factory reset but it would not verify my password. Right now I would take any assistance you can provide. I have only had this phone for 7 days & getting the error message that my connection was not safe since I have had the phone.

  • 1. On your Adroid phone there is a folder for your system certificates, which is a pretty long list.
    2. If these are outdated (e.g. a phone which does not longer receives updates) you will obviously get these errors.

    a) install firefox and set this as your default browser, firefox installs its own certificates, IF your problematic app calls the default browser then it will be solved

    b) if you have an app which calls not the default browser chosen by the user but another browser component… you will have to root your device and update the system certificates manually

    • @cogmios quite right, and since Android 4.4 you can add a certificate to the user cert list but it causes warning messages.You could do this instead of option “b”, if your not keen on rooting your device.

  • Hi,
    I too cannot access for over 3 weeks now. I’ve tried all options but nothing has worked. I’m using a Sony Xperia. Can you help?
    Thank you

  • Hi, I too cannot access for over 3 weeks now.
    It’s worked briefly for a while but now again I cannot access I’ve tried all options above but nothing has worked. I’m using a Sony Xperia.
    Can you help?
    Thank you

  • My issue started when the certificate notification popped up. I pressed continue and now I can’t search anything on my phone. Emails aren’t coming through for both hotmail and gmail. When I want to search it says I’m offline. I’ve tried to locate the certificate to disable it but I don’t see it. What did I do…!!!!!!! I’ve tried all the steps you’ve mentioned.

  • Hi, I’ve tried all the steps and still get a 107 error code. I can’t access a secure site for my sons schooling. Any help greatly appreciated.

  • I am in despair. #1 I have managed to set the date and time, but I cannot find a way to enable automatic date and time. #2 If I open Chrome, there is no ‘Menu’ button, but there is a ‘History’ button which says I have no history. Not surprising as I have never opened Chrome before. #3 I am connected via my own home wi-fi router. #5 I have no idea how to find any antivirus that may have been installed. #6 I have no idea how to find ‘Backup and Reset’. This is a wi-fi enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The problem does not crop up with every web site I try to access.

  • I did all solution steps, even factory setting but still getting error “your connection is not private” in samsung Note 4 android mobile. please help.

  • I could access a site through mobile network but not through local network.
    After trying everything but the factory reset I found in my xperia xa1 ultra: settings > reset > reset network setting
    Solved it

  • I get SSL CERTIFICATE error when I try to use Advance download Manger browser I get ( date of certificate is invalid) Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated

  • I get SSL CERTIFICATE error when I try to use Advance download Manger browser I get ( date of certificate is invalid) Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated

  • I keep getting a handshake failed message. When trying to log onto an app tried all the fixes even a factory reset but nothing worked. I don’t have any issues with any of my other apps.Could it be my phone as the app works for my work colleagues. Any help appreciated

  • Hi guys..
    An alternative is to try downloading another browser! For example downloading firefox instead of chrome.
    Works well after trying #1-4 for multiple times.

  • Solution: – Fix Security Certificate Error

    Settings -> Biometrics and Security -> Other security settings -> View Security Certificates — Make sure they all are enabled, May be you do not need some but I have enabled them all and that fixed it for me.

    After searching the solution in many places, i was not able to resolve the issue even some have suggested the worst part of Factory reset. Fortunately i found one solution which is explained above and it works like a charm 🙂

  • I tried everything but it still says clock not synced. What can I do? (Its the app discord and Snapchat that are giving me trouble)

  • The problem is that there is no possible updates on TLS Certificates and manufactors ignore that by not update the phone. Worse they dont give possible updates how to do this. Do factor reset might have other danger due to Google FRP lock. If you forgot your Google UserName/Password your phone is dead in the water. This is a crime from Google that does not allow you to factory reset your phone when it malfuctions. Strange no comsumer group has not defend there custemer that bought the phone. Same thing is about Google (or Apple) that allow them to spy on the customers. In europe we have GDPR law but its a week protection. We that know stuff all data that is stored somewhere are leaking and this data collection is very danger for all users. Worse the data can be used by NSA to protect US company and other issue. But sooner or later this material will be knowledge also in Russia, China, Northkorea, etc for there own purpose.

  • Can I update my certificates as they are out of date and its only a new phone. So my phone is not fully functional

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