Matter IoT Security: A PKI Checklist for Manufacturers

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Matter requires every IoT device to have a trusted PKI certificate before it can connect to other Matter devices (eg Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.)

Download our Matter PKI checklist for a practical guide on implementing Matter trusted certificates on your IoT devices.

If you develop or manufacture IoT devices for smart homes, you’ll want your devices to be Matter-compatible. Matter is an open tech standard that allows IoT devices to easily and securely connect to each other…even if they’re created by different manufacturers. Matter is quickly becoming the industry standard thanks to support from Google, Amazon, Apple, and other market leaders.

Before your device can connect to any other Matter devices, you’ll need to have Matter-compatible x.509 certificates installed on each device. These certificates are called device attestation certificates and must follow several different technical and compliance standards.

This free guide for IoT developers covers the PKI requirements and best practices you need to know to make your devices Matter compatible.

Download your free Matter IoT PKI Checklist today!