About the Author


Vincent Lynch

The SSL Store™’s self-styled SSL evangelist, Vincent Lynch is fascinated by the inner-workings of encryption, browser UI/UX and the web security industry as a whole. A graduate of Eckerd College, Vincent started with The SSL Store™ during his senior year as an intern and quickly rose up the ranks of the company. He has a gift for making even the most complex topics approachable and relatable, to the point where he’s become the go-to expert for all of The SSL Store™ employees. Vincent is a tireless student of web security and SSL/TLS, always looking to further his knowledge base with more education, more training—anything that can help him to stay on top of the industry. And now, through Hashed Out by The SSL Store™, Vincent is sharing that knowledge with the world. On Hashed Out, Vincent will be your go-to expert for all things encryption and web security. Whether it’s a major data breach or a new development with hashing algorithms, Vincent is on top of it and ready to explain it to you with some valuable insight. You can follow Vincent on Twitter and LinkedIn, or check back here at Hashed Out regularly to see all his latest takes on the cyber security sector.