7 GIFs That Perfectly Describe a Website Without SSL Certificate
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7 GIFs That Perfectly Describe a Website Without SSL Certificate

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what are 7 GIFs worth?

It was 9:00 in the morning, I stepped into our office, made myself a cup of tea and got to work on another blog post. In short, it was just like any other morning – until I overheard the conversation.

One of our customer support team members contacted a reputed institute within our city and informed them that their website was painfully insecure because they didn’t have an SSL certificate. Their response was shocking. The institute asked my colleague why they should install an SSL certificate when 90% of the city’s other institutes don’t have one. Shocking indeed.

[Editor’s note: Jay, what have we told you about writing Noir SSL blog posts?]

OK, ok. Anyway, this got me thinking about making people easily realize what could happen if a site doesn’t have an SSL certificate. In a world where people just scan things instead of reading them, I landed on the thought of conveying my thoughts in GIFs instead of words.

So, here are seven GIFs that perfectly illustrate what it’s like to have an HTTP site in 2018.

1.) Google’s ‘Not Secure’ warning be like:

2.) When a customer adds a product to the cart and then notices that ‘Not Secure’ sign.

3.) When your nerd friend comes to know that you don’t have an SSL cert.

4.) The fall in your Google SEO ranking be like:

5.) When a hacker man-in-the-middle attacks your site.

6.) After the attack, when you regret not having installed an SSL certificate…

7.) When you finally install an SSL certificate and see that ‘Secure’ sign.


Jay Thakkar

After graduating from university with an engineering degree, Jay found his true passion as a writer…specifically, a cybersecurity writer. He’s now a Hashed Out staff writer covering encryption, privacy, cybersecurity best practices, and related topics.